Gloves use advice

Ok so after completing the latest event I’ve finally got some gloves, now the question is who deserves them most. I’m still building war/titan/raiding depth, so the hero’s I choose will be multi purpose. Currently I have

4/70 Dark sabina
3/60 boomer and cyp, rigs is in 3rd tier
Lvling a tibs next
4/80 holy onatel
4/70 chao
3/60 li xiu, hu tao
No current options
4/70 ice kiril, grimm
3/60 2x sonya, boril, agwe
Lvling a grimm
4/70 fire bt, colen, gormek
3/60 Gormek
Lvling a kellie
4/70 nature caedmon, buddy
3/60 Mel, gaderius, kash, little John
Lvling a skittleskull
5* options untouched dom, kad, horg
I have all required mats to max anyone above apart from dom 3 tabs short
My initial thoughts are rigs and sonya, or do I just max rigs and hold on until my next 10 pull atlantis in hopes of getting me some wu action?
Thank you for your advice

Bump, anyone wanna help?

Suggest Li as she will work well with Onatel

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