Gloves for ascending heroes

I’ve been playing over a year. I have 4 heroes on Team 1 that need Gloves for ascending. What does it take to win or farm them?

They can’t be farmed. You can get them randomly as loot from titans, wanted chests, and mystic visions.
They also come up regularly as loot from one of the ‘rare’ Farholme Pass quest variants. Rare quests come up roughly every week to ten days in a regular rotation, and the quest after next should be Farholme Pass with the gloves and tome of tactics variation.
Sometimes there are also offers of gloves and other rare items for payment, but I assume you don’t want those.

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Lots of things…I literally just pulled gloves from a hero chest from raiding. So many other ways…not an everyday occurence but it happens…

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Thank you for the very helpful info! I have looked for them to be purchased, evidently at the wrong times. I had hoped they could possibly be farmed in the higher Provinces.

TU for the additional information! I’ll take all I can get!

Please don’t assume?

My pleasure. PS. Nice avatar! I am Metis as well! :slight_smile:

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They come up as part of deals including other items sometimes - either for gems or actual money. Generally the offers last a day or so before vanishing. The big one today, the Avengers pack for 9750 gems, has a couple of pairs, the last offer with gloves in I received before that seems to have been mid-March, but not everyone always gets the same offers at the same time.


Farholme Pass is actually more far than that. Next will be Shrikewood (green) then Frostmarch (blue) with around 10 days interval between.
Only 10 days after Frostmarch we will have Farholme with gloves

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TU! I’m near the end of Shrikewood, been building up my #1 Team to beat the current level I lost a few days ago. I don’t usually lose! :unamused:

Titan loot wanted missions and quests apparently

I’ve been waiting to win gloves over a year. I refuse to purchase 1 to 2 Thousand gems to pay for Packages offering gloves. That’s money out of my extremely thin household budget. E&P devs should honor their dedicated gamers with a better playing field!!

Exactly, I haven’t been playing as long as you but I need about another 10 pairs apart from this I can’t really do much else but keep autoing the levels I’ve already done… It’s starting to get boring now. Do you know when next pair of gloves are

I count it as 6 rare quests away, roughly 6-8 weeks before Farholme Pass is back with the gloves and tome of tactics variant.

Edit: There’s a handy reference list in the thread here:

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No I don’t. I’ve emailed the Developer at: “”. I strongly suggest that everyone do the same. After I updated the game this evening to v 1.12.6, when I opened the game, an apology from the Developer regarding the War issues was in my ‘inbox’. It was stated that they tried to fix the problem, but were unable to. I know this doesn’t pertain to the Ascending loot issue, or all the others. I’m hoping the next version will fix as many issues as possible! At least they’re acknowledging the bugs are there.We’ll see what happens from here on.

Thank you! Yes, please keep us updated.

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I totally agree !! same here been playing for a year and noticed all items you have a chance to win without gems except gloves last three events did not have any available to win ! Game adds new features but still have thousands of people waiting to ascend ! This is unfair and I believe we all need to bring this fact up more often