Gloves and compasses

I would suggest that gloves and compasses, as they are used by all heroes in early levelling, become part of farming. It makes little sense for so many players being stuck on early levelling for the lack of them. It would generate more interest in working higher refions

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Failing that, just hiding them on the occasional uncommon quest like the troop token would be nice.

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Continuing the discussion from Gloves and compasses:

Agreed. I have been unable to ascend 4 hero’s for over a month now. Needing various items that I can’t even purchase if I wanted to. I am at a point where I am losing interest in the game. Let’s make 5 star ascension materials more readily available

Making gloves and compasses farmable doesn’t help unless the other needed items (capes, orbs, sturdy shields, trap tools, and hidden blades) are also farmable.

All the non-farmable mats are (intentionally) rare. It takes a lot of patience to collect what you need for a 4*, triply so for a 5*. Alliance wars will apparently provide another chance to win rare mats.

Mystic visions, Wanted chests, rare quests and Titan loot are where you’ll get these items. Join an alliance that’s stretching you Titan-hitting skills, as harder titans carry better loot, (technically, they give access to high loot tiers, which comes with more chances for better items)

There is a difference there, capes, orbs, tonics etc are color specific, so orbs for holies, warm capes for ice, etc, but gloves and compasses are used by all colors in their second ascension.

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