Gloves and compasses none farmable why

Is it time that gloves and compasses become farmable materials?
OK here’s my thinking!
I’ve been playing 13-14 weeks, I love the game and am fortunate to have found a great alliance.
My city has sh 20 built, by Xmas I’ll have 1 tc 20 1 tc 19 and my 2 tc 11’s, with all other building at various lvls between 8 and 18. I’ve maxed 15x 3hero’s, majority of which are 7/8 or 8/8 special, I’ve maxed a kiril to 4/70, working on another 3 x 4 hero’s on final tier all roughly 4/50 or above, I also have another 5 x 4* hero’s to 3/60… I am now lvling the next batch of 4* hero’s to 3/60… Wait… Why you might ask… Finish your 4* rainbow 4/70 team… Well there’s the problem… While I expected the materials to lvl 5* hero’s to be rare and even the 4* materials to take time to collect… I never thought the items that would stall my progress to be the items that every single 4* and 5* hero required… Yes you guessed it those gloves and compasses…
Now to show you my issue I’ll list my mats I have collected so far
5 x scopes
5 x rings
5 x darts
3 x tonics
1 x tabard
8 X capes
7 x blades
4 x orbs
1 x trap tools
7 x sheids
9 x compasses
0 x gloves
Now before you say but wait you have loads of compasses, yes I do, but several of my alliance friends lack them…
Yes before you say it I’ve used several gloves already, well 4 so far, but how is it the one thing I lack is gloves? Every 4*/5* needs them why are these not farmable… I have 90+ sets of boots 3* chainmail 3* but gloves 0… Both boots and chainmail are only required for 2 elements each I believe, so I’m never going to use them all and that’s just 13 weeks in to the game. Yet gloves which I could rightly expect to need at least 40-50 sets of over my empire life minimum, I have to wait on the lottery of loot drops. Please please please rectify this and make these items farmable somewhere

Oh I have 3 x tomes and blades as well!

Every time Farholme Pass comes up in the rare quest rotation, it has either gloves and tome of tactics or compass and Damascus blade, guaranteed. Make sure you’re completing every rare quest, doing every mystic vision, filling your wanted chests as quickly as possible, and fighting at least 8* titans with your alliance to get to at least loot tier IX.


It is something I have come to the conclusion after 11 months. Other players have what you need while you have what they need.

It is the randomness of the game.

Gloves have always been my achillies heal in the game as well. When I get them I need to choose carefully. I have a lot of heros at 60 because of that. Lately I have been able to keep a few gloves around but am reluctant just to throw them at someone because of the past.

They will come, use what you get wisely.

You have all of that in only 14 weeks!? Do you spend on this game? I’ve been playing for 6-7 months and I wouldn’t have all that if I didn’t buy some, so you’re actually doing extremely well. If you do spend on this game, buy today’s Christmas offer—it’s a good deal for a pair of gloves and some gems.

It’s actually very common for players to be low on gloves due to the fact that all four challenge events give a compass but only corellia gives a pair of gloves.

I hate to say this, but you just need to be patient (and ask SG to give more gloves in challenge events :wink:).

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I’ve only purchased vip pet dragon twice to speed up the major builds, otherwise no spending! Just lots of chests! Never waste a flag!
But like I say, I can understand the randomness of 4* mat drops, or even the 3* bits like blades capes orbs etc… But for the life of me the gloves being 3* yet required by all 4*/5* hero’s and not being farmable just makes no sense to me!
At this rate I’m going to have all the items to lvl a rainbow 5* team other than gloves!
I do agree that every event having them as loot would be a start :slight_smile:

Have a problem with gloves too :slight_smile:

My wife can’t get a sturdy shield and she’s been trying! I have (6) and keep getting more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do 90x pulls on Atlantis and you won’t have this problem again. 3 months of Atlantis pulls yielded me 19x compasses.

Gloves on the other came mostly from titans.

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I agree. I think any ascension mats that are 3* should be able to be found in the season provinces and that any 4* mats should be allowed to be crafted in the forges. Waiting for chests, special events and such are ok too but my God make it more frequent for us to find the stuff needed…I’ve got so many stuck heroes and it’s nearly impossible to catch the top alliances and players, which begs the question, can any newer player even come close to catching older players? With the creation of new heroes, etc I don’t see how it’s possible. Especially when a few of the top players have troops leveled to 30…even if you focused on leveling troops and nothing else, it would take years to get a set of rainbow troops to level 30, which is just as important as hero levels so why make it so difficult for newer players to compete agains the top players?

I love it if exist other way to find compass. There are a lot of warriors and I would like to make it arrive to high level, but you no find the compass anywhere. I should in special events, the host this game need to include 1 compass, otherwise we don’t need cards with 5 stars.

Hi Mauro! I think you got the wrong thread to post this in, but I’ll give you an answer here, so that you find it.

The important ascension materials (3-star: compass/gloves/orb of magic/hidden blade/sturdy shield/warm cape/trap tools and 4-star: Damascus blade/tome of tactics/farsight telescope/mystic rings/mysterious tonic/poison darts/royal tabard) will never appear in an ordinary battle on the map. You can get them randomly from the quest chests in the upper left (very rarely), from killing titans (the more stars the better), from war chests, from tournament prizes. There are guaranteed sources of these items in the various rare quests that pop up (level 4 of the quest has a 3-star item, level 5 has a 4-star), and from the challenge events and seasonal events.

However, by design, these come very slowly. Usually you have more heroes that want the items than you have items, and sometimes have to wait a long time to get what you need. If you complete all the rare quests in a year, you end up with almost enough to raise a 5-star of each color to the maximum level. Counting the additional sources, it should be much quicker than this — a full set of 5-stars plus some four-stars, perhaps.

@zephyr1 @Rook @Kerridoc Does this need to be moved somewhere?

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No one is happy with the pace that ascension items drop. I’m a casual because I have a lot going on. So, instead of finding the game fun I find it extremely frustrating. I want to stay and help my alliance, but the grind is painful and boring…losing interest.

The real question is while the battle manual is farmable but not needed by all heroes, gloves and compasses are needed by every 4 and 5 stars and NON farmable, Why?
Dazed and Confused.
why is there highlights, i didn’t put them?

I think it’s just fine, I rather enjoy the randomness rather than having everything just handed to me. Game would then get boring fast.

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The reason why certain AMs are not farmable is to limit the advantage paying players can have. If they were farmable, people could buy a ton of energy refills and very quickly have a lot of maxed heroes

We are talking about just gloves and compasses here! Doesn’t matter how many you’d farm… You’d still need the other mats

The key thing here, is unlike orbs tool hblades capes shields, you need gloves and compasses for all 4* and 5*

Now I was the original poster here, and at the time my biggest single item that delayed my progress were gloves. I had plenty of all other unfarmable mats

It’s now a few months on and thankfully my glove wall has since disappeared… I have 14 sets and I’m waiting on hero’s now. So things do get better, hang in there :wink:


Thanks for all the replies ,
My point exactly, i don’t have a single compass and 10 4"s at 3/60. Also have a dozen of manuals which i dont really have a use for more than 2 or 3.
As far buying a ton of refills, you still have the others mats specific to colors or heroes that are not farmable.
I would make the manuals non farmable instead.
Just my input.
Have fun.

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