Global TItan Slayers.. some vacancies

Global Titan Slayers
our alliance is over 3 years old, still with some original members but naturally enough some also have left the game so we are rebuilding

  • we have 7 or 8 vacancies

  • Currently fighting 9/10* titans

  • mature age, friendly

  • War desired but can be optional

Some experience would be helpful but we are also happy for you to develop and grow with us, and join in wars when you feel ready

Reply this thread or line pc229, or just apply! Currently 1400 cup minimum, but could be negotiated

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Global Titan Slayers

We are friendly, laid-back , mature age and understand that:

  • this is a game
  • Real Life happens (sometimes in unexpected ways)
  • some people take this game more seriously than others but you can be an active player without being on 24/7!

SO if

  • you want to hit 9/10/11 * titans but don’t have any burning desire to chain kill 14*
  • you would like to participate in wars but also opt out if RL gets busy

Look us up… Global Titan Slayers

All we ask is regular participation and communication if something makes that difficult on occasion

Yes, we have line (pc229) but no, you don’t have to use it.
Yes, we participate in wars, but no, it’s not compulsory
Yes, some of us talk a lot in alliance chat but no, you don’t have to

Just hit the titans and use war hits if you are opted in. The rest is up to you… quiet or chatty… on twice a day briefly or on often. Take your pick

Come, check us out… we have a number of spots

Any questions, ask on this thread or line pc229. Otherwise, just drop in

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It’s a nice alliance to be part of, I’ve grown and learned a lot from them since I joined and I’m sure their expertise will help you too. Paid back and chill but we still get the job done.

Just to add my 2-gems-worth…

Global Titan Slayers is a great Alliance if you’re looking for a friendly group who take the game seriously but not too seriously.

If you’re a mid-level player looking to improve or a high-level player looking to enjoy the game, you’ll be warmly welcomed. We have a war strategy that takes allows for different team strengths and time zones. We are a mix of completely free to play, cheap to play and more spendy players. We discuss hero development, strategy and gameplay and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we’re happy to share.

I joined when I was working my way up though Silver arena, and the advice my alliance teammates passed on was invaluable. 18 months later I’m still here, still improving and still happy to call GTS my E&P home.

Come slay titans with us!

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hey drop on by, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself if this alliance fits for you! No pressure!

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