Global Titan Slayers seeking 1 member

Tl;dr: alliance score 97,038. Leader PC229. 600 cup requirement.

Hello there,

We are regularly hitting 7* titans, and are killing more and more of the 8* the game has been throwing at us. We won 14 of the first 16 Wars, and enjoy the in-chat strategizing that the Wars have brought about. Our members range from level 48 down to level 21. We’re a friendly group that’s not always chatty, so you don’t have to worry about a fast moving chat room. We are happy to help new members to grow and to answer questions about game play.

What we need is an active player who likes to joke around, who likes to constantly improve in the game, and who wants to smack around 8* titans with us. We ask that you hit the titan every time. We do not require War participation, but we do ask that you set up a defense team to take hits and help to spread the points around. Even if you never use your War flags, or you don’t have the bench to use all of them, we still ask that you put up the defense.

We also ask that you let us know if you’re going to be offline for an extended period of time. For us, that’s 3 or more days. While we don’t use it often, several of us have the Line app for out-of-game communications. If you’re having issues with your phone, or are going to be without internet for a stretch, we ask that you let us know.

For any enthusiastic players that want to start out with good size titans, get in touch with us. The cup requirements are always negotiable. Reply to this thread, send me a message, or hit me up on the Line app @SaraWithout.

We’d love to have you.

We’re still looking. Apply within. :slight_smile:

New to the forum but not to the game! How do I apply? In game name: Nick The Thick-Headed. P.s. jokes are my specialty :slight_smile:

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I apologize, name recently changed in game: Ň1ĆҜ ŦĦ€ ŦĦ1ĆҜ-Ħ€ΔĐ€Đ

Level 34. I am typically around 2300-2500 trophies depending on the time of day :).

In a alliance right now that’s just not completely into the game. I have about 3-5 players that are very strong but the rest are hit and miss which fine… but I’m looking to be more competitive.

If you would like I can give you their names as well if you need the players at some point.

Search us in game. Global Titan Slayers. PC229 is the leader. If you have the other players on Line and keep in touch with them, we do try to fill openings ASAP but we only have the one spot at the moment. I also know some other great alliances that are searching if they want new homes.

With your trophies you’re well beyond our minimum, and we will welcome an active player. :slight_smile:

We have another spot open for those looking for a new home.

To recap:
600 cup requirement
Must participate in Titan hits
Killing 7* and getting better at 8*

We are active and helpful. Check us out if you’re interested.


Current alliance score is 99K.
Cup requirement has gone up to 800.
We have been fighting near constant 8* titans.
We are active in chat and some of us have Line.

Cups are always negotiable, folks. We don’t care if you’re free to play or pay to play or if you’re a cup dropper. We will help you to progress in the game and get the loot you need for your heroes. We are pretty active in chat and will help with any questions you may have. We are also from all over the world and in many different countries and time zones. There is almost certainly somebody online at any given time.

If you are interested, please feel free to reply to this thread.
Or contact me on the Line app at SaraWithout
Or check to see if any of our members are lurking in the Peer Support chat room in-game.

@Rook can you close this thread? We’re full now.

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