Global Titan slayers.. one vacancy


A rare vacancy on a friendly English speaking alliance. Now fighting our first 10*! But comfortable with 8 and 9* so some experience (1000 cups) needed. We expect regular Titan hits and war participation but understand that real life sometimes intervenes. Apply now, or Line PMC for a chat.


Im a mid range player who is on the cusp of keeping up above 1000, consistently. Current team power is a 2468. Im a very active player and would love to be apart of your alliance!! Please consider me.


Sounds good. Just apply


Christopher, it’s a bit tricky since I am overseas and not on as much for the next week or so. But any time you are above 1000 cups, just apply and say that PM agrees to let you in. Usually I would lower the cups



A Clear understanding Who we are:

  • A hard-working, fun-loving team. We help each other a lot.
  • We share ideas, strategies, suggestions, and secrets.
  • We smoke 8* Titans, we kill about 2 out of 3 9 s, we have a 10 at times. We are continuously improving these stats!
  • We have 1000 trophy requirement, however we will consider giving lower cup trophy if you are very active in trying to lvl up.
  • You must hit every Titan.
  • You must use all 6 War Flags.
  • You must improve. That’s it - those are our rules. We will help you with all of them!
  • We have offline discussion in Line where we post tips for anyone who join us
  • we understand Real Life Situation happens at times so long you inform us earlier we are able to bend our rules for you. :smiley:
    If you have any questions - line our leader - PM229 or post here. we will assist as soon as possible! :smiley:


We have 2 open spots right now!



I would like to join the gang. Started less than 2 months ago so still finding my way. I’m active and dedicated. Team power currently @ 2,5k, cups ranging from 1,1-1,3k.


Hi there!
Sure thing - feel free to join our alliance.
As highlight we need active players to grow together. :slight_smile:
Most important to use all the flags / titan hits for all event / wars. Cheers!
Let us know when you join us. See you!


My cups are currently going up and down between 850 and 1000, but I’m very active and rising very quickly. Is it possible to still apply while I’m not at 1000?


Hi Ochartier,

Sure thing, may I know what’s your team score n as highlight we need full participant on all event. We can drop the cup for you to enter. Let us know. :smiley:


You won’t be able to formally apply if you don’t have the cups! Sorry.what you can do is tell us you definitely want to join and we can temporarily lower the cups. If you don’t app,y in that window we would raise it again.alternatively, get to 1000 and immediately app,y. You only have to be above that at the point of entry


2 open slot! Join us now++


Left 1 more slot open!
Come join us either new or veteran once you are with us you will enjoy the game in a whole new level! :slight_smile: