Come join us. An English speaking friendly alliance currently fighting 10* titans, with the occasional 11* (a little tough) and 9*(usually a bit easy).

We prefer some experience, but am happy for members to grow with us… we suggest a minimum level in the 20s with 30 3* heroes or above for wars. The departing member had been playing for over a year but has left the game. Members from all over… UK, US, Canada, Europe, Middle East Asia, NZ, Australia. We really are global!

We expect people to hit titans and fight in wars regularly, but also understand life demands…just let us know in advance.

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It’s war against Global Titan Slayers
Teaching Alliances

Maybe one should add that we have a well working war strategy, so we fill our war chest regularly. Our boss, the coleaders and elders live in different time zones so decisions whether a titan is killed or flags are saved for the next one are taken in turns, depending on the given time.

This works very well for us, and we have a line group as well for discussions that are too much for the in game chat.

We all help each other to improve so could be called a teaching alliance, but the titans we fight will be frustrating for the total newbies…I joined when I was level 20ish and have improved a lot since so it was the perfect choice for me to join this awesome alliance.

Everyone is really supportive so we have a lot of fun together!

If this sounds like “your” future alliance do not hesitate to reply!


A Clear understanding
Who we are:

  • A hard-working, fun-loving team. We help each other a lot.
  • We share ideas, strategies, suggestions, and secrets.
  • We smoke 9* Titans, we kill about 2 out of 3 10 s, we have 11 at times. We are continuously improving these stats! (Have improved since the last recruitment)
  • We have 1000 trophy requirement, however we will consider giving lower cup trophy if you are very active in trying to lvl up.
    Update - As we are moving up to replace a veteran, we are looking at Mid 20s Level Minimum unless you have good heroes and have the intention to grow - do let us know! We might invite you too. :slight_smile:
  • You must hit every Titan.
  • You must use all 6 War Flags.
  • You must improve. That’s it - those are our rules. We will help you with all of them!
  • We have 3rd party discussion in Line where we post tips for anyone who joins us
  • we understand Real Life Situation happens at times so long you inform us earlier we are able to bend our rules for you. :smiley:
    If you have any questions - line our leader - PMC or post here. we will assist as soon as possible! :smiley:

Still looking for a new home for yourself? Join us and you will enjoy your game to a whole new level! :slight_smile:


Interested in finding a new home that’s active and killing higher level titans.


Hi, i am lookinf for a place i am able to grow. I am curenly lev 23, 1270 cups and team power 2761.



What is your alliance name? I have 2180 with team power of 3638.


Thanks for all the interested - will get back to you guys soonest. :slight_smile:
This is our name - Global Titan Slayers if you are keen to know more about us.
@Rosco1011 May i know what’s your overall score as well?


Top defense team 3833, 2200 cups currently (float 2100-2300)…let me know what else you’d like


Screen name Ross of The GOAT alliance


Thanks for reply. will get back to you soonest and others as well.


Thanks…display name Ross on line also


Hi @Rosco1011,

Was checking are you still interested to join us? If you are, let us know when you are ready to leave your alliance and will add you in. Cheers! :smiley:


Fighting titan with possible bonus ascension item…will leave after its down…that ok?


Sure, no worries. Look forward seeing you in our alliance! :slight_smile:


Rosco, glad you can join us. When you apply, please mention that you were talking to Spark on the forum, that way whoever is on will know to let you in


No problem, how do I apply? Just reply on this thread I’m ready?


I am prepared to leave my current alliance…let me know when you’re ready


Thank you for your interest. At the moment we have filled the vacancy. But keep an eye out… the alliance is almost two years old and several of the original players are reducing their time commitment to the game and so another vacancy may occur in the not too distant future. Thanks again

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Thank you for your interest… see my reply to Natsv… the same applies. But a little more time will also help you build. You would find 10* titans a bit of a challenge at the moment
Thanks again

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