Global Titan Slayers is looking for you!

Currently fighting 8*/9* titans.
1000 trophy requirement.
Alliance score 112k.
One space available.

Please be War ready, able to field a defense of at least 3000 TP, and a desire to be on a loyal team. 3+ titan hits required, and at least 3 War flags used. We are constantly growing and strengthening our team and would love to add a member who wants those things as well.

Contact me on Line at SaraWithout, or simply apply within the game. We look forward to having you!

Please contact me if you see the alliance is full but I have not updated this post to be closed. We have a member that brings in her alt from time to time when he have a vacancy to donate flags on the titan.

Just let me know and that spot will be open. :slight_smile:

Friendly Alliance - We are growing steadily, no pressure as we grow organically. But We have rules to play so you won’t feel that you are struck in the alliance. If you are new, join us! We can give advice to help you progress the game smoothly. :slight_smile: There’s a few of them are new in the beginning but grow relative fast to hit harder on high level titan. 8* at the moment at times we manage to hit 9* monster as well. Join us now! :smiley:

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We are still looking for one more member. Feel free to come check us out!

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