Global Titan Slayers..come check us out

We are a long established (3 years+) alliance that:

  • likes regular play but also knows that RL is important
  • is a mix of time zones and Players are f2p, c2p mostly
  • have some very experienced players as well as some newer ones

So we

  • fight 9/10* titans at the moment. With a couple more members we will be at the 10/11* boundary
  • enjoy wars, but understand if you need to opt out
  • are happy to mentor and assist less experienced players to grow in the game, cups 1000+
  • chat a bit… but also don’t mind if you are quiet


  • just be a fair and reasonable alliance member
    I.e. hit all titans, use all war hits if opted in, keep others informed if you are going to be away or expect any disruptions

Everything else is up to you. Come check us out Global Titan Slayers
any questions, either on this thread or line pc229


Great alliance I’ve called home for a very long time! Just competitive enough but just kid back enough!! Come check us out!

Sounds great…will have a look later

Forgot to add we have up to six spots so happy to take a small group

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