Global Rank Stat added to *public* profile

Just a simple QOL update that adds to your profile page along with strongest hero, highest trophies and all that Jazz. Add a stat that give you highest global rank. Also, I’d like to see a feature to where that profile page isn’t just a personal thing but others can check it as well.

Voted, since I’m a big fan of statistics.

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Would indeed be a nice stat to have would also like the local best rank reached. Specially as I got top 10 once no idea how I got there with my 3800 team :sweat_smile:
Was actually a bit frustrating as it was really difficult to fill my raids wanted chest at that point.

Anyway to cover todays over the top privacy policies SG might need to allow you to choose if you want to share your stats or not.

While chatting about sharing info really would like an option to share some info on your hero inventory with your alliance but I think there is already another thread covering this.

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Privacy policies only cover personal info not stats.

It would be nice to see players stats and achievements in the game. Then at least there would be a small reason be/do better.


Thinking about this topic today, would be nice to have a record somewhere, doesn’t necessarily have to be public

Yes, I would love to be able to reflect on the fact that I once reached global rank 135,237. :laughing:

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