Global Outlaws Alliance Family

Family Alliance looking for serious players. Find us Discord

Players from all over world with a love for game. Senior players looking to share their knowledge of the game and help you grow.

We are a Global Family alliance. We are all serious players who like to have fun and share our knowledge of the game. Our alliance has senior members ready to share with you what they’ve learn and help your team grow.


For our main Alliance Global Outlaws you must be at or above level 30 with at least 1200 cups. Must have 6 war teams.

For our Global Outlaws Bootcamp you must be at or above level 10 and have at least 800 cups. No team count for war, we just ask that you use what you have.


In Global Outlaws we are currently fighting 9* Titans. We ask that you make your best effort to use all your Titan Flags.

In Global Outlaws Bootcamp we are currently fighting 4* Titans and are looking to take on stronger ones. We ask that you make your best effort in using all your Titan Flags.


We have organized wars, however we have players from all over the world and you are not required to be around at any specific time. But you need to use all 6 flags or opt out when you don’t have time, and you should follow our war strategy. We do have a War General who will help with your team set-up.

In Global Outlaws you need to have 6 war teams. We ask that you utilize our communication tools during war.

In Global Outlaws Bootcamp we do not have a team count requirement. We are here to help you grow and grow your teams. We ask that you use all war flags possible for you. The War General in our main alliance is still available to you for help and growth.


We use Discord. We can be found at

We encourage communication, even if you are looking to goof around. We have various channels for game help as well.

Our Bootcamp cup requirement has changed to 400.
Check us out on Discord:

Looking for serious players looking to grow their team. Interested? Check us out on Discord.

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