Global in game chat (Chat functions)

I am wondering if there is s way to Create a new line (enter key) while posting in the chats?

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There’s a way to do it in Android but not in iOS that I’ve found. I use iOS so don’t have the Android details but you can google it

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Thanks. That’s super helpful. :slight_smile:

Revisiting this. I still have not found a way to do a new line (return) on in alliance chat via iOS. This seems possible via copy+paste on Android.

keyboard “return” in game chat even works differently on my iPhone where it sends the message straight away, vs my (older) iPad where it just closes the keyboard but does not send the message until “Send” is hit in the game chat.

I suggest keyboard return makes an actual new line return as it does in most other text apps and only “send” is used to send the message. Readability of long messages (especially featured message and alliance recruitment) is important!

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What if you (iOS users) typed your message in a “Notes” type of app rather than in another messenger app?

The example I was thinking of was like a StickyNotes app or the Apple version of Word?

More effort but would it work?

Guvnor, thank you for your idea but it does not work. Apps I have tried pasting from with line breaks:

  • iOS Notes app
  • Word App
  • Facebook messenger
  • Html code with < br > or /nl
  • Line and Discord - - copied text with formatting and line breaks that friends created on android and can paste into the game and works fine but when I do it on iOS the line breaks and other special characters disappear. The special characters are often non-ascii characters like musical notes, hearts, diamonds, boxes and squares.
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