Global chat improvements



AC = Alliance Chat? Yep, screenshot those.


absolutely! screenshot, and the date and time.


Problem: I see a lot of complaints regarding the AR chat channel (and I have experienced all of them having spent days and days recruiting for my alliance). There are too many ads, there is too much chatting, etc… While I believe both of these things should be allowed, I do think there are oft times people talking in the channel that have no business being there. Why not start by trying to limit who can be in the channel in the first place?

Suggestion: Add locks to the Alliance Recruitment Channel.

Version 1: The ability to lock a channel exists (proven by level 20 gate on experienced channel). Simply limit the recruitment channel to people without an alliance and people who are recruiters. For simplicity, define recruiters as people with the title of Elder, Co-Leader, and Leader of alliances. If you want to recruit for your alliance, earn the title of Elder or above.

Version 2: Create a unique “recruiter” distinction that alliance leaders can dole out in limited number. Only people with this distinction can enter the recruitment channel along with the alliance-less. I know this would be more complicated on the development side, and hence the Version 2.

These suggestions cannot prevent excessive ads and excessive chatting, but could at least limit the participants to those with a vested interest in the channel from the outset.


I found my alliance on global chat. I am a frequent watcher and participant. We all try to help the noobs. Yes it does get out of hand at times but I think it is used more as a stress relief of sorts. I also recruit on gc and have found some players there that I wouldn’t have found in other spots. There is always a higher level player or three or more in gc. They tend to be able to keep the raunchiness to a min.and also help the new players find alliances and answer questions. Thank you global chat! I have also made some friends that I would not have, had it not been there!


Hello! totally agree with you. This problem thrives very well on Russian global chat rooms. There are a lot of unprincipled and obscene phrases and words, and few words are automatically censored, this is due to the specifics of the language and slang, the only solution to this problem is to introduce in-game moderators in a chat that can instantly react to the bad behavior of players. And another problem is frequent bans for simple words not related to obscene, this is done by a certain group of people often sitting in a global chat and by prior agreement make a complaint against a disagreeable player, as a result this player gets a ban, the only solution is moderators.


This has nothing to do with new heroes or gameplay, but I think it would be a good idea to add some features to the chat to make it better, more fun and engaging. First of all they should let you see the whole message while you type so you can edit what you’re trying to say if needed. And to make Alliance chat more fun I suggest adding options to how you communicate that let you send voice messages and pics, kind of like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Using Emogis wouldn’t be bad either.

New Season Ideas

[#ff0000]The splash banner[#fffffff] when entering global would be super tool to assist alliances, the message of no bullying no drama or what and a link to alliance rules that way everytime someone entere they see without disrupting the flo of the alliance chat


@Rook I would love to be a global ambassador that greets players & sends them in the direction of help. I’m not good enough to help in beta or be a moderator, but I love the game & would love to help make it better…Let me know if anything like that is in the works :heart:


No official hat/title, but ANY Forum member can be a good ambassador and greet new members, answer questions you know the answer to, etc.

The Forum largely consists of such people. :slight_smile:


@Rook I know the Forum is such a place…was hoping to impact Chat but it seems almost impossible…


Every time someone makes a positive contribution, you’re impacting the whole forum. We appreciate you!!! :heart:


@Rook :blush:. I appreciate you!!! The people are what keep me here…Grinning ear to ear…