Global chat improvements



If you look to the beginning of this thread you’ll see that game chat has been total garbage for at least 8 months. Doesn’t seem like vast numbers of players have quit because of it.


Compared to what I’ve seen, yesterday’s Global/General was nearly civil. AR was lively but mostly stayed on track. I think it’s getting better. :wink:


The game is about SLOW building improvement, food and Iron’s stock increase and Heroes evolution IN TIME…
It could be nice to have a watch in the game… As a tower clock in the main castle view maybe?
Simple and useful when you wonder when to built and how optimizing time… No?


There are many things that could help.

My input would be:
-a quick how to join alliance
-how to lvl troops

These questions come up like every 5 minutes.

As for spam:
-put in a wait time after 2 messages. Like 5 sec er so.
-alliance recruiting LITTERS chat. Gets annoying having a convo, then 10 recruiters post.

Pervs & other:
-select moderators. Im sure frequent mature players could fill the spot. Add in a pop up message warning. Then start doing suspensions.

-mass reporters. Maybe take the option away from those that report people just cause, or deprioritize their reports.

-attention seekers. Theres a few playing the suicide card. Sick of seeing it. The block button helps this. But im sure reports could as well. Then using the warning/chat suspension system could take effect.


How are alliances supposed to recruit, if you think their posting litters the chat room? In our recruiting chat, we get reported for having a convo… so should we just pray to the Empire gods to find players?



I think Slickers means those jerks.
There ARE people who make it a hobby to report others out of spite. Usually the same people who will then whine "aawww … nobody likes meee … "

I myself have come across one specimen. Not pleasant at all.

If those mass reporters are silenced - and thus deprived of their nasty little hobby - it would take some of the annoyance and tension out of, e.g., recruiting chat.


Im talking about once someone say hi in GC, and its noticed that theyre not in an alliance, a ton of recruitment ads are flung in. Completely destroying a chance to carry a decent convo without scrolling, thus slowing down what GC is supposed to be.
I wouldnt mind if people talked about alliances, fine. But spamming ads in GC is annoying. Go to AR-C if you wanna do that.


I suspect recruiters hang out in GC after not finding any recruitees in AR.

I know I have. :thinking:


I think i got over 50 people blocked. All recruiters.


(I have 85 foul-mouthed miscreants. Different priorities, I suppose…) :wink:


You probably have me blocked


Heck yeah Rook. I have complained about no recruits joining my alliance the last two weeks. So what did I do? I dropped our trophy requirement to zero and went to GC and got 4 new recruits in half a day.


Not yet. :grin:

@essentialelement: Wtg!


I have yet to see y our name pop up un GC, Rook.


I used to be there hourly, several months ago. I might sneak in here or there now. If you throw a PokéBall you might catch me! :grin:


Noted. My name is the same on here, as the game.


When I first started in July, I saw rook in there all the time offering advice to newbies and posting the link to copperskys compendium, which helped a lot with game basics


Since I just started recently, I spoke as though I was minor and play acted that the whole time someone recruited me. In the end, I had to leave that alliance because the guy was bothering me to the point of scary and I’m over 30 years old! Exposing anyone younger to that guy is very scary but I have no way to report him when we’re in the alliance. He doesn’t go to global much now.

On another point, how do we know that someone made a second account?


You can’t know that someone has made an alt account.

To report a scary person who is breaking the rules of chat, you simply need to click their icon and click report (do this on text that actually violates the rules please.) If the player violates the Forum Rules, you can screenshot the conversation and report to Game Support:


It’s not on GC but on the AC itself. I realized now that I should have taken screen shots of the “subtle” message he was sending and then reported it to Support. Will do that in the future, if I do encounter another one.