Global chat improvements



I would just like it to default to being hidden.


If it will default to hidden, please make a game tutorial or link to Coppersky’s Guide visible, so new players–full of questions–have someplace to go?


I find it incredibly annoying…especially when I am trying to have a discussion with someone on game play issues. I have played other games with global chats that can get sketchy, but this one is almost impossible to get any sort of information from with all the distasteful things @Annieguns is describing. I am all for free speech, block buttons and just ignoring it, but if there are rules in the community against these behaviors then those rules should be reinforced by the developers.
In one of the games I play you have options to set up multiple group chats with whomever you wish. Could this be a solution? I know folks have Line and all but this could offer an ingame alternative to those players who are not discussing gameplay. I am new here so maybe not, but its just a wee suggestion. :wink:
On the bright side, I have seen longer term mellow players try to break up these discussions in Global Chat to no avail but I think some players are trying to shut down the activity from within the community.


I agree with you and i am one of those who trys to monitor globle chat when i can to keep inappropriate conversation and lsnugae out of globle i feel that globle needs one on one chats so when someone is looking for info that thay can get it that way


Please do not remove global chat. I do get where you are coming from, since I switched to the english chat a few times and switched back to dutch very fast. The dutch global chat is great, new people can ask questions and the more experienced players help them. It is also a great place to just chat a bit while you wait.

The only thing I can think of for improving the english global chat, is to split it up into multiple smaller chatrooms, so people can actually follow a conversation and it is easier to report or ignore inappropriate comments.


I also agree that Global Chat is a little too unhinged, currently. I was able to share that concern with Petri and Rubi, recently. They are aware, and I’m sure they’re thinking about solutions.

An immediate solution is to block players, but I agree that many of us are viewing this from an integrity standpoint. It’s the folks that are over-the-top vulgar and sexual that cause concerns for me. And the fact that there are minors that play this game, makes it even more concerning when folks are sexually explicit.

Global chat is a wonderful game tool, however, so I don’t agree that removing it is the best solution. I think the best solution would be to do what we’re able to with the tools we have as players, and also keep the dialogue going on the forums (which seems to be a more cultivating vehicle for constructive feedback.)

I know the Small Giant Staff may be so busy at times that they may not be able to verbally respond to all of these threads, but I do know that they read them and consider what we say.

I think it’s great that you brought this up, @Annieguns. I hope we can continue the discussion. It’s already a cordial and constructive thread, and I am a firm believer that these types of threads carry a lot of weight.



Thank you for reading my mind Avicious and saying what I wanted to say. :wink:

This is the part that particularly bothers me. I can block stuff, but it remains for other, perhaps much younger, eyes. Ick.


At risk of being labelled a troll myself (again), I don’t see what the big deal is. Some people like all the nonsense that happens in global chat - good luck to them. Some people (like me, and many of the posters in this thread) hate it. No problem - we can turn it off. (I haven’t looked at it in months. It’s silly.)

To pine about the risk to the world’s youth posed by the global chat function in the game seems like concern trolling to me. I’m not a judge, but I’d say the game devs do not have a duty of care to anyone using chat, adult or minor. Like all aspects of the Internet, the safety and security of young people is ultimately the responsibility of their parents, not those providing a means of communication.

As to the idea that the Internet is infested with paedophiles, hiding behind every My Little Pony avatar, drooling madly and seeking to groom children for their very specific and disgusting ends, that all seems a bit like overblown paranoia to me.

Mostly, people are just looking to play a game and spout harmless rubbish to each other.


Hello community,

I understand your displeasure too well, in the German chat many players are no longer writing, since the topics have become very level.

Blocking and reporting brings unfortunately in “bullying” nothing.

My game name was already synonymous and is still pulled by about 10 people in the muck.

I can only be concerned with every installments of it, created screenshots and turn to a lawyer because these are offenses.

Dont feed the Troll = ignore them and they go very fast. laugh

@Coppersky and @Petri:

It would be a chat update important for private messages or “group chats”.
I am aware that this requires a lot of capacity and that the game could be slower because the stability could not be guaranteed, but in all languages, people would like to have a chat upgrade!

And question who controls the “reports”?
Chat moderators with kick / ban rights might be appropriate.

So now I wish all players and the SGG team a good start in the New Week and may the chat always be peaceful, factual and helpful.



GLOBLE CHAT NEEDS TO BE MONITOR by the staff and bad chat dealt with swift and fast to protect kids under 16 teen


Suggestion: Is it feasible to have a separate chat channel where the age on your Google/Apple account must be 18 or 21 to chat in it?



I’d like a global chat that is required to actually be about the game. Like many others mentioned, there’s so much garbage that’s the equivalent of a teenage group text message chain, it’s near impossible to have any kind of meaningful discussion. Maybe in addition to alliance and global chat, have a gameplay chat, so there’s a place to chat about the game without whatever roleplay/teenage babble is going on in global chat.

As someone playing less than a week, it was super irritating to have my actual questions blown through by crap.

my six cents worth…


I came to the forums to post a topic about adding a chat room but this is a good place to post. Is it possible to add a Gameplay/Strategy room? GC is trash, Off Topic, owned by duhlittle, is limited and unwelcoming. I got in ‘trouble’ for being off topic in ‘Off Topic’. Alliance Chat is the best bet new players have but gameplay questions kill recruitment posts. There are many of us who enjoy talking about the game and would appreciate a dedicated place to help others.


I agree GC is a waste of time if you want game questions answered. My proposal is to make a class room chat in the alliances. Where new players can post a question and the elders and leaders can answer. And they can be saved by subject for 30 days.


So I’ve been in multiple alliances with two accounts.

The quality of information given varies wildly inside various alliances, though to be fair it varies at times in the global channels depending who is on; however, with an open global chat you have the best chance for good information to be disseminated to all players.

The answer probably lies somewhere between moderators and seperate chat rooms based on age or even an opt in (18+ and want this sort of thing, over here and let them self-select)… also I think we miss a great opportunity as other games to not only tour through the game puzzling mechanics, but also some of the UI features (or figuring out the barracks question); actually why level 4 is some magic number for alliance joining I’ll never understand, I’d consider switching it to level 1 to streamline that. Other frequently asked questions could likely be addressed without basically forcing people to use global as it exists today.

Either way this should be addressed: from a corporate perspective this is going to harm the image of the game as English global exists today, and I can’t see why the developers would accept the status quo with the exception of simply not having enough resources… if any of the $5.7m USD is going to be spent on advertising, a slice of that marketing budget should likely be re-allocated to improving the existing image of something that virtually every new user is going to come across very early in their in-game experience.

Also I would suggest for a game that has a community to leverage, building in-game private chat would be a smart customer stickiness feature too, but hard to guess where the recent funding round has been allocated.


Yes I agree with the above comments with concerns for youth playing the game. This should be family friendly.


It would make more sense for players to have Peer Support for default. We Encounter players who don’t know how to switch chat period. General Global is not really a necessity now with peer support. Having all new players pooled into peer would help those growing pains. I was a Game Moderator previously and if we had a few that could monitor and mute accounts breaking the rules would greatly clean up general. I would also suggest if the moderator idea was implemented that a copy of incident with screen cap be sent to devs or community Managers for review.


How does that prevent the same backslide into what global is now?

Heck with all the people added to beta recently I found myself shaking my head at one of the comments there even and these are supposed to be people who are more game focused?

Until a more comprehensive solution is found I don’t expect the chat situation to improve, and unfortunately the right solution isn’t simply basically renaming Global to Peer Support as I don’t think that will address the root issue.


With more monitoring with in-game moderators who break chat rules. Community Managers need a volunteer crew to help with chat.

It takes action such as muting accounts more frequently to resolve the issue.


As devs say, they do not have the resources to have moderators to chat rooms now, but one thing that I hear over and over is that the social aspect of the game is what keeps many from quitting over the game frustations. Now every chat room, except peer support has gone bad, and I cannot help wondering how many will quit over that