Global chat dropping hex code colours from posts

Posting in AR today. My posts are dropping the hex code colours. I paste the same message into alliance chat and it works as expected.

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I often fail to use the color in alliance description.

I have submitted a ticket but it seems from their response that it isn’t their game feature.

This is a preset message that I’ve used for months. (A recruiting ad) It will work for a bit in global chat, then suddenly all text is white regardless of what code is in front of the text. If I copy the exact same message into alliance chat. It appears as designed with coloured text. This is definitely a game bug.

This is what they said:
Using colour codes or special characters are at the players’ own risk.

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But… they coded it. This isn’t some universal markup… heck, they created their own emojis rather than use UTF8.

That response is an even higher level of nonsense than the usual ones.

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