Global Chat Concern


I was very concerned about a player using the name Ashleee, who was talking about not wanting to live anymore. After awhile it became clear this player was unstable and attention seeking. I did report the player, however, it’s not clear to me if any action could or would be taken.
Perhaps the report button could have categories for the report. Such as; report harassment; report safety concern; report soliciting which happens way too often.
I really hope that player was just being an idiot, but if there was any chance they were in need of mental health support, there was little that could be done. It was disturbing.
I avoid global chat like the plague because it’s full of trolls, creeps and useless information. It’s a shame because that’s new players only option to get game tips.


Unfortunately, many of these instances are found to be trolls if you wait long enough (many, not all).


It’s a valid concern and a good suggestion. To be honest, I hold a Moderator tag and there are times where I’m uncertain how to respond, myself. Good on you for caring enough to even make this post.



Thank you. I appreciate the nice feedback.


I said it once i said it twice staff needs to hire people to monitor globle chat 24 / 7 and those monitor must step in when something is not right and take action as will they should take in consideration that children as young as 11 play this game STAFF WAKE UP AND LISTEN PLEASE before going globle with this game globle chat was fun and clean


…as young as 8, though per the rules, they ought not be there prior to 13+.


I’ve been playing about 4 months and Global Chat was helpful but now it’s worse than YouTube comment section for trolls and sexual innuendo.



The chat at this moment brought me to the forums. It’s devolved into absolute garbage. This is a fantastic game for kids but there’s no way I’d ever let mine play because of chat. What’s alarming is when the younger ones show up, type their age ( 9-11 yrs usually) then proceed to immediately get snatched up into an alliance. The propositioning and innuendo is out of control; the whole thing is a mess. I can’t begin to imagine what would be involved with policing global but it’s way out of hand.


Hi guys, thanks for bringing up the issue and suggestions how to improve the global chat.

Indeed, the best way to let us know of any inappropriate, alarming or abusive behavior in the chat is by using the report button. We are constantly checking the reports and act accordingly. If the situation requires, you can also send us a support request directly from the game. Then we would appreciate as much information as possible about the incident, including screenshots, time and date (with time zone).

Players getting banned from chat for innocuous comments