Global and local titan hit list

Would it be possible to do the same thing we have for cups, for the top titan hits?
Global and Local. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All time. Top 100 only.
Showing: Player, best hit, titan rarity.
I know I would LOVE that.

They already have a top alliance list for killing titans. Just shows the total team score. That what u mean?

No he means individual hits by individual players

In your profile where it says highest titan damage, it would be nice if we had a leaderboard of that stat



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1.To many parameters : 1* •12* (color and rare Titan)
2. Can’t have valid measurements because of many factor : Flask, leveling, error when hit the Titan and gave u 0 point.
3 . The result is < the work to do.

He’s just talking individual hit scores. Not best totals.

Like 100k in 1 flag

And showing the titan * and color in the info and possibly sorting by damage then titan *

Like a 100k+ hit on a 12* would rank higher than 100k hit on a 10* but an 80k hit on a 12* would rank lower than a 100k hit on a 10*


But It barely depends on luck, if the board is good , the damage will be insane. If just base on 1 hit. Maybe better like this : total dmg/ total flag = avrg hit.

But I don’t know if the data useful for me, lol. (Its not my level now to worries about rank) but maybe for Mercs it can be another challenge for them.

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The whole game is based on luck though. If we did that then we’d have to do it with cups and event leaderboards as well.

Sure there could be a leaderboard for averages, i just dont feel like it would fit into the layout of the rest of the game.

Cup counts are based on board luck and it only tracks the highest you’ve been(which is dependent on boards) and your current rank(also dependent on boards)

Challenge event only counts the highest scores from each stage to come up with a total instead of coming up with averages of how many times each stage was played and pulling the best average score from there(although could make the challenge events a lot more interesting if # of replays did hurt your score)


Yep heroes you pull also base on luck, lol. But the cup you got is accumulated from luck, average or bad luck.
The Events ( yes its base on luck, with many attempts and parameters)
So this score is to show who is the luckiest player in EP . :slight_smile:

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I just know myself and a lot of players get pretty excited when we use a flag and see 100k+ hit after that timer runs out and there are already threads and line convos that show off biggest individual hits.

I haven’t seen one on averages yet, but that could be an interesting convo and show n tell as well

Maybe start a “highest titan score average” thread or something of the sorts and see how many interested parties respond to get a guage of which type of leaderboard the general player base would prefer?

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Are you guys for real? Just read what I wrote.

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First of all thank you, you seem like the only one getting my idea right.
I am not interested in any averages but only in the top hits.
Doesn’t matter how many stars the titan has.

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Not sure if I’m for real or not. Will let you know if my alarm clock goes off. If it doesnt then I’m real. If it does then well i wasnt real

That’s why it shows reply to Lagun, not you… :slight_smile:


Oh lol well it said “you guys” so thought i was included.

Man i never get included in anything lol

Nice! I’m looking forward to joining an alliance that is fighting 5 star titans so I can tear it up and get on the high titan score list. I’d never make the list with these 12 star titans.

I still don’t get it lol, but if it make a lot of people like it, so hope your idea can be excecuted.