Glitch with battles and lost resources

I logged in this morning after waking up and saw my usual list of won and lost battles. I had cleared out my Stronghold last night before going to bed, so the losses of resources were minimal.

Then right as I collected my SH resources, I got a notification that a battle that happened 6 minutes prior (Before I logged in) was lost and I lost tens of thousands of resources. However, those resources should not have been lost given the way the game recognizes what you have available for stealing in Stronghold. It seemed like a lag in the battle results somehow allowed that player to take thousands of resources that weren’t there when they started the battle.

This has happened to me around 3 times in the last two weeks but never happened in the months I’ve been playing the game. The other times, it wasn’t as drastic of a loss, but still frustrating.

It just happened again that I logged off last night with an empty stronghold. Today I log in this morning and three battles that occurred long before I was online had resolved and I lost a bunch of resources when those players would not have gotten those resources normally

I notice this happens a lot since the last update, where I could previously always rely that as long as I emptied my stronghold at night, any battles lost wouldn’t result in lost respurces

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