Glitch with Athena's ability?

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this… I have been using Athena as a hero, and I have her completely leveled up and fully ascended. According to her hero card, she should lower the target’s and nearby enemies’ defense by -41% and then by a further -4% every time they are hit for the next 4 turns. However, despite the card not indicating a maximum limit to this decrease, I have noticed that the highest the lowered defense goes is -65%. This happens in titan battles, war, raids, and when doing levels on the map. Is this a glitch within the game, or is this simply a limit placed on her ability that is not indicated on the card?

If it drops 4% over 4 turns, then surely the maximum drop should be 57% ?
A max limit isn’t clearly stated, but the fact that it’s over a finite number of turns should tell you that there is a cap.

It isn’t just a 4% drop over 4 turns though, it is a 4% drop every time they are hit… wouldn’t that suggest that, if for instance a large amount of combos went off on the board in one turn, that the defense would be lowered by much more than 65% because they were hit so much?

It drops 4% per hit, as Athena’s special states.

And yes, it is a designed (and not informed) cap. As otherwise she would be absurdly OP.
Brienne also has a similar cap (Althought I do not remember the exact number).

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Oh I’m with you now.
I was always of the understanding that it was 4% per turn, as long as they were hit. Pretty sure there is a very old thread on here somewhere where it’s discussed, I’ll try and tag you in it if I can find it.

Yeah as @EvilSmoothie states there is a max stack. 6 to be exact.

It starts with -41% and decreases with another 4% each time they are hit for a maximum of -24% and lasts a maximum of 4 turns.

(-41%) + (-4%x6) = -65%

Working as intended.
Not written as working.

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