Glitch on chapter 2 map

There is a large black swirl on my Atlantis map where the whirpool and adjoining levels normally are


I don’t seem to have this bug on my App. Can you post a Screenshot of the glitch?

The most likely thing I can think of causing it is that you haven’t yet unlocked those provinces… I’m not 100% sure if the provinces stay black if you haven’t reached them yet or what the go is… back when they were still developing & releasing S2, the future provinces which hadn’t been released were Dark shaded out…

Otherwise my suggestion would be to:

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the App installed
  2. Fully close (including background processes) the app & restart it

I’m checking for updates now

Ohh yeah… very much a bug lol

Try the version update (if there is one)…

Then if it still persists, some extra information that may be worth providing is:

  • App Version Number
  • Device type you use
  • Operating System you use
  • Operating System version you’re running.

That way the Dev’s have a little more information to work with :slight_smile:

Ok,thanks! Always someone here to lend a hand.Best support system for any game,hands down.

If you are using android try to reset the cache, as its similar to the hero bug that usually gets fixed by clearing the cache

Settings > apps > empires > storage > clear cache


Worked like a charm!

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