Glitch maybe in Raids? Has anyone ever experienced this? If both teams die from reflected counterattack damage, why does that count as a loss for me as the attacker?

So here is what happened… maybe it’s happened to others and I figured I would toss it out there because it has happened to myself and another member of my alliance.
When finishing a Raid and just as I did and she did we dealt the final blow but because of a deflect back it called us the defeated team. Now I know the tie always goes to the runner in baseball so if indeed this is a tie shouldn’t the person who struck first b the “runner”? Or even just when that other character is killed there should b no deflection.
Anyway lemme know what u all think. Sumitomo is a great example of the kind of character that can cause u to b the defeated one by the way. He’s who got me and me teammate.

This is by design—you have to live to gloat over the slain and carry the loot back to your stronghold. If everyone dies on the field of battle, it is counted as your loss.


The good thing is that if that was to happen in a war you would announced as defeated but you would take all the point for you alliance which is kind of weird if you think about it. You take not only the points for opponent’s hp but also the points of victory even though you are defeated.

It’s even also a loss, if the opponent was nearly dead and you had all your health.

Yep…typical timeout…check timer left upper corner.

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That’s good feedback. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback. I still have to say logically speaking if u r say down to 2 players and ur opponent has Boril for instance and he’s like 1 strike away and the only tiles u have to play r red and u have Sumitomo with just a little more energy left than Boril. U go for the kill and get it but Borils reflect kills u a second later that the win and trophies should go to who killed first. Technically speaking Boril nor Sumitomo or any character should b able to strike back once dead. I mean Mother North doesn’t automatically raise the dead if u knock her out with green tiles and she was right on the verge of full mana. I think the gamers could have a draw or sudden death with both characters plus 1 additional for each team come back. Or a replay that costs no flag. What do u think of the tie situation having a free replay?

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