Glitch in the war?

Two attacks without the full rested as number of players is 8 I our team… How it is possible? That would be the third attack on this player while war clock is still before 12 hrs.
Any suggestions?

Teams regenerate 6 hours after being killed the first time. They also immediately regenerate if all teams are killed — but it sounds like that didn’t happen.

Are you saying that a team was killed three times, or attacked three times including a partial kill, and only fully killed twice?


I’m not sure exactly what you are complaining about: I see several players using three flags. Please elaborate?

(And be advised “naming and shaming” is not permitted on the Forum, so I removed the word “cheater” from your title.)


AwesomeB was attacked once b4 then regenerated but the board was not reset as only seven from eight total player were killed. Then as per screenshots he got killed twice in short time while the board was not reseted in short time, how it’s possible? The only option I know it’s to reset whole board but it’s not.the case here. Any suggestions?


There could be 6 hrs of respawning between the one shot and the two 2nd attacks, if nobody battled in between. Times aren’t given there.

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It was the third time attack on this player, so not 6hrs but longer where the clock was more then 12 hrs at that point.

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Can you provide us a screenshot of the entire attack history up to the point of concern?

Just doing it to show there is something not right in the current war.

A few overlapping screenshots.


Well, from your screenshots this is what happened:

Phase 1: Initial kills

Tea, Awesome, Rohan, Space and Sundevil were killed. Attack on Sin, Chamara and Nica failed.

Phase 2: Approx 6 hrs later

Tea, Awesome, Rohan, Space respawned and were killed again, then Sin, Chimara and Nica were finished off before before Sundevil respawned (he was killed last in phase 1 thus would have respawned last). Thus your board was reset. And immediately Awesome was killed with 2 flags.

So it’s perfectly fine. No bug here.


What confuses me are the point values.

Is he worth 168 point?!..

If so… how did they get 169 points on the last 2 attacks? If there is some rounding function or whatever well… why aren’t the first 2 worth 169?

Maybe he didn’t die on the first phase !


The points can vary based on rounding and also based on bonus points.

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