Glitch disappearing members of alliance

Anyone else encountered this?

Started after the alliance war began. Only lasts a minute or two, but I‘ve come across it twice now. Now way of knowing how often it actually happens.

I have also had this happen 3 time in the last 24 hours it often corrects itself if you leave the screen and go back.

I was going to ask how it resolves (do you turn off the game?) etc.

It seems to pop up and disappear on its own. I haven’t stayed in the screen view to check if it actually disappears, but changing to another view and going back - sometimes it is still there, sometimes it’s gone. Haven’t had to resort to closing the game. Might not be a major glitch, but possibly a problem in the making? Something must be causing it…

As with all glitches, if it’s bugging you, please contact Game Support to log it. Do you need the link? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rook - I know how to get there… :wink:

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