Glenda's special not working

I don’t know if anybody else has this problem but im monitoring Glenda for some time. I have noticed that her special does not affect to nearby allies. The damage on nearby allies is not higher than usual.
Also the Glenda does not affect the DoT heroes.

Please check this problem. Thanks

Seems to work as intended. Hel’s special is increased from 315% to 355% which is roughly a 13% increase in damage. She hits the minions for an average of 690 damage on the right compared to 610 on the left which is a 13% increase. Impact on boss is lesser but there is an rng element to the damage which is probably the culprit.


I thought it was 315% + 40%. But yes. The text says “adtitional +40%”

Unfortunately due to the relationship between attack, defense and damage. A 40% increase in attack is not equal to a 40% increase in damage.

She is not designed to work for DoT attacks.


Read more about how her special works here: Glenda – 5* Ice/ Blue - November 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

DoT is NOT affected.


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