Glenda vs Magni as flank

My current defense team is Kage - Magni - Frigg - Ursena - Joon ©

What are everyone’s thoughts on swapping Magni for Glenda? She could possibly make Kage a monster when he goes off and help when an enemy has less than 50% health.

I think having a hit-3 buffing hero like Glenda in left flank would be decent but I’d personally stick with Magni just b/c he is fast as opposed to average. Unless you have lots of emblems on Glenda and not many on Magni, I’d stick with Magni.

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This sums up what I’m thinking as well. I’d rather have the speed and defense buff to keep the tank alive. Fighter talent is also more useful here.

I’m going to echo and say Magni as well. I really like Glenda there but Frigg is the star. Magni being fast will allow Frigg to live longer with the defense up.

I view Magni as too fragile for defense. If c-Magni I’d have a different opinion. So, Glenda > Magni for defense.

However, also, I’d move Frigg to flank, since you have one of the best tanks in Ursena. Frigg can be 3-hit also, making her vulnerable in the tank position. You want her to live long enough to fire that great special.

This is a valid point. Magni has really low defense but if he fires, his +63% defense will help him stay alive,especially since Fighter class can get to decently high HP with emblems.

For reference, I use C.Magni+17 on left wing defense (emblemed all attack/def path based on costume’s talent grid).

At +17:

Stat Magni+CB C.Magni
Att 907 840
Def 638 822
HP 1647 1511

I don’t have Glenda to compare.

This is an interesting proposal. If Ursena was tank and Kage was left wing, I’d probably still take mono yellow or 4-1 yellow to attack it. Yolo

I did run with Ursena as my tank with Frigg as flank but Mother North as a left wing rather than Kage. I noticed I kept losing more trophies so I reverted to Frigg as tank. Just to separate Ursena and Kage

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