Glenda vs Isarnia flanking Telluria

Who between Glenda and Isarnia w/o costume would be better in defense? Telluria is the tank and the wing beside Glenda or Isarnia will either be AOE or hit 3 at such as kestrel or quintus or clarissa.

Both are wizards so cannot test it before i decide, don’t want to waste food and iron.

Highly appreciate useful input from the community.

Really depends on rest of team, Glenda with average mana would be better flank than slow Isarnia IMO

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Its more like slow def down to all enemies vs average special buff to 1 hero. I was just thinking that the special buff of Glenda is wasted on telluria.

But, the stats of glenda is well balanced compared to isarnia who is squishy. Average is always better than slow and the cleanse is really helpful and is rare on average and fast 5*.

Quite confusing for me.

On Telluria’s shoulder, Glenda’s usefulness would not be complete. But Telluria will support Izarnia well. Despite her slow mana, Izarnia is a pretty strong hero, so I would choose her. Glenda’s usefulness is opened by shoters, which she enhances well

Glenda would also buff Quintus, which could be quite helpful. The two defenses (Glenda v. Isarnia) would behave differently in use, and I am not sure which would be better in your set-up. Maybe try out each for a week of each and see which keeps you higher in cups.

Another alternative to try would be going with 2 blue flanks, and see how that performs. Having Marj on flank is probably better because that gives you a rainbow defense, but blue-green-blue also can perform well sometimes.

I would put Glenda here, 2 slow heroes in def team isn’t good

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Glenda. Even if she’s not boosting a sniper in Telly, she is still boosting. She’s got Drake’s Attack at average, Ariel’s cleanse, and ice minions! Two blue flanks would be fun to try for the minions alone. See which other hero you have that could serve as a beefy flank.


I agree with @Radar1, quicker defence is much better

Yep! Definitely Glenda

Really would love to test it but i am reluctant considering the cost of ham and iron is too much waste if ever i revert back to isarnia and even if some of the ham and iron would be returned.

Thanks for the reply.

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Would it be different if quintus is replaced by clarissa on wing?


Isarnia is great but costume is really needed to shine. Otherwise she’s too slow and squishy. If you emblemed to add a lot of defense and balance her maybe, but even then Glenda is good to go out of the box.


I guess there is no other way but to test Glenda to determine if there an increase in cups maintained and prevented 1 shots in war. Thanks for all the replies.

Having Quintus and Isarnia would make your left side slow. Isarnia is more devastating but is slow. I´m sure that if Telluria fires, Glenda would do aswell Marjana and Joon then will become deadly.

If you had a faster purple I´d go for Isarnia.

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