Glenda stats lower than advertised

I don’t know if it’s a bug or an issue but my Glenda stats are different than advertised on every other sources - please see her special stats from my screenshot

sorry if it’s not a bug but I didn’t find anything on forums nor review videos and chatlogs

I should have mentioned that I’ve just updated my game again and nothing has changed…

Keep in mind that the special skill stats will level as the hero levels up. Your Glenda is at first ascension, level 2, and special skill is only level 1.

Numbers in your screen shot are identical to my unleveled Glenda.


It’s ok if that’s the case but where does it say so? Every other hero I have had on my roster has the same special stats on card since the lvl 1 till the 4/80

It’s that way for all heroes. Some heroes will do the same thing regardless of level- cleanse, buff - whereas damage over time or healing amount will scale with level.

An example: unleveled Heimdall vs 3/70 Heimdall. Note the difference in how much he heals. But the chance to revive stays the same.


Always read the fine print. :slight_smile: On this month’s HOTM, Reuben, for example:


That… can’t be true. Unless you’ve had the world’s greatest and most fortunate bug all this time. :wink:

Good gaming!


yes, sorry, I wanted to delete the post once I got the response from the community but I’m not sure that’s possible

hi @mhalttu I’m unable to create a new post so I’m doing it this way - I have a bug with Glenda - her stats are lower than advertised everywhere online dmg buff is only 19% and special dmg is 235% actually I don’t know if it’s a bug or if this is her being balanced already I didn’t find anywhere online that anyone would have a similar issue nor that this is what her stats should be like. sorry for posting here but I don’t have any other option


Max her up and you will have the real stats…

As the same as any other heroes, U have to maxed her at 4.80 and special skill 8/8 to make her card as same as advertised

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