Glenda in double formation

I don’t have a ton of options but do you guys think glenda can fill the #3 spot in the double formation.
I would do soemthing like Domitia,Kadilen costume, Glenda, lady loki, mist

all of these heros do direct damage that glenda would be buffing.

I’m hoping kadilen costumes dodge special skills will seriously nerf peoples ability to “attack nearby enemies” on glenda. I would love to replace lady loki with BK but I don’t have him. A taunt would also break up a “attacks nearby enemies”.

I know mist is a 4 star but she is all I have.

Do you think kadilen costume and lady loki cans tand up in front though or is my team too soft.


This formations feature is so new… most people won’t have a solid enough answer.

But this is the time to experiment and change daily before they stop this beta

Glenda is best to surround with snipers or BIG AoE hitters, which you don’t really have right now. My vote for a double #3 is definitely C-Kadilen.