Glenda – 5* Ice/ Blue - November 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release


Haven’t thot of giving her emblems yet. How do you guys think? She’s more obvious a support hero, so is it defence and health ?

This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank for throwing this out there! Nice to have a average blue cleanser, but not as impressive as I think most people interpret her card to be.

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So, move the emblems to Glenda, or keep them on Onatel? Hmmm…

Got her yesterday from ToL. In other news, she got A on Anchor, which surprises me a little, but ok. Now whether scopes will go to her, Fenrir or Misandra …


I’d say she’s better than Misandra and Fenrir. She’s above average for sure. Not sure about an A, but a B+ for sure.

So put her to next to, say, Vanda, and fun will be had. Okay then. On the other hand it also means the buff gets an advantage of exponential scaling, so not that bad, especially when combined with elemental, regular, and Mist’s defense down.

I’m totally shocked she gets an A (and Raffa only a B+). The videos above look like she’s pretty much a meh.

You should probably watch the videos, the comments they write and say and besides it is good to try it to have a better picture !!Your personal opinion and I accept it but not like that !! Glenda is awesome and remember that it will be used a lot

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I think Glenda is a good usefulness when stacking blues. imho

My favorite was

“Let’s give Glenda a chance to fire. …
Oh @#$t, I killed her.”
She doesn’t stink, but I guess her A game is beyond any team I can put around her for now.
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I am wondering if the following is a bug or not

If you look at the images Glenda summoned a minion for her and Vela.
Glenda is on Ascension 3 / 45 in this picture, Vela is fully ascended with 9 emblems on her

You can check Glenda and Vela’s health differences.

Yet the summoned minions have identical health. Shouldn’t the minion inherit the hero’s own health ( in this case Vela )

No, it inherits the values (att and HP) from the caster - Glenda in this case.


All minions get Glenda’s calculated health…that’s like all minion makers (Telly, MN, Delilah, Nordri, Buddy, etc…).

Does that specials buff stack between Glendas if you have multiples of them?

I just had a Valhalla 10-draw and got all dupe 3-stars… Then it went berserk and gave me THREE Glenda bonus draws! That makes four, given the one I also got on a costume draw.


what do I do with the THIRD glena?

Vela+18, c-Magni 4-80, Rafie, c-Richard, Thorne, Iscarnina c-Sonya +20, +19&4-70, Kiril+20,+7,4-70,Grimm +20(cant buy: a barbarían(650 emblems waiting), Miremever, Trition, Borill

siting at go: Fenrir, Magni, Richard, Valeria and Sonya

Presently leveling first Glenda

Suggestion welcomed

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What to do with 5 of her???

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sympathy!!! :thinking: and how many do you feed and where?

Keeping all at the moment haven’t build HA yet

after playing now two weeks with her at 4.80 i can say she is holding her weight. and while people may say the minions are worthless, i can say they are actually not that bad in a mono stack as they can kill some criucial low Health opppnents also for map stages it works really. damage is well to if you have kiril buff and grimm def down applied. as they are all same speed that is no issue at all.

definitively worth ascending


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