Glenda – 5* Ice/ Blue - November 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I apologize for asking a stupid question but my work day ends in five minutes and then I get to log off (don’t feel like reading all posts), just pulled Glenda during a ToL ten pull and am curious if she stacks with Frida and Costumed Richard? So fire first Glenda, Frida & then Richard equals three dead heroes?

she does

Though Frida, Glenda then Ricard will do the most damage.

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I’m happy she’s not a Paladin - diversity is great and all, but 4/80 +0 is the new 4/70; picking between her and Isarnia for first spot as a blue wizard is doable; particularly with the increased Emblem drop rate.

Perfect, thank you. Appreciate it.

Is this confirmed? So basically “minor damage” isn’t a set value % that can be buffed directly and is rather the final calculated main target dmg% after modifiers, divided by 2?

What I mean is if base Thorne does 480% dmg to target and 240% to adjacent targets, when Glenda’s buff is applied, you don’t just add +40% to the 240% as well. You only add 40% to the 480% and adjacent targets only get +20% dmg.

Interesting mechanic, but I guess it makes sense. But it also means that hit-3 (or hit-all) heroes who don’t do minor dmg to nearby gain the most benefit from Glenda’s buff.

Yes it is.

You can check it yourself using the damage calculation & observing damage done to nearby enemies :slight_smile:

This is correct:

Glenda’s buff adds it to the number written.


Been pretty happy with her so far, makes a great pairing with Frida even though the possibility of jinx is often removed. Got to give her a good workout today:


Great tile-play to get that :gem: early in the first match :+1:

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Good play that is rare I often close video after few moves because people play so bad with the board and I don’t want to get bad habit from them. :+1: :muscle:

My glenda wait for scopes I think she is the best hotm from the last few and also plus for dragon ball music! :blush:

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Glenda and Raffaele should swap innate abilities


I do agree with swiping the innate ability, between Glenda & Raffaele!
Which will obviously make sense.


I just pulled her with my second free pull with coins from the tavern event, is she any good? Should i ascend her or wait until i get Richard form HA10 (i have the costume but not the hero)?

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I personally believe Glenda is actually good!
She fit well as a flank & paired with snipers is heaven.
I’m working on her right now to join my team in progress!

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I may be late to this question but Skadi remains your killer hero of the bunch.

Any minion dying when she fires and suddenly the enemy is crippled. Mana slowed AND taking damage every single turn regardless of whether Skadi lives or dies. If she has killed two or three enemies the odds of a comeback by your foe are exceedingly slim, more than that and it is game over. Skadi is one to be careful of when raiding and if you are bringing her you’ll be LOVING battles against minion makers.

The update that increased her damage so that she can kill most minions with her special made all the difference. She went from being a borderline poor hero to an effective winning machine. Having all the blue options you mentioned with a couple more, Skadi would be my #1 choice.


Thanks for this feedback. Since you took the time to answer, let me update it for you: I went for Skadi and she’s now maxed and at +8. I’ve been using her a lot and and still perfecting her gameplay. One important (and often forgotten) aspect of her special is the fact that her damage increases with dead enemies and you have to take that into account in order to plan a kill. She promotes a very mindful play and is the type of hero that you plan your whole strategy around. I’m very impressed so far.

I’ve been bringing Skadi against Telluria (specially if there’s red flank, or other druids, like Zimkitha), Freya, Costumed Kadilen and Noor, just to name the more occuring. If there’s any red tank or flank and heroes like Seshat, Toth, or even if there’s 2 or more druids, Skadi will dominate.

For next war (undead horde modifier) , I reckon Skadi will reign supreme and decided to include her in my defense: White Rabbit-Alfrike-Telluria-Skadi-Gravemaker. Still deciding if it’s better to bring Vela instead of Alfrike, since gravemaker will punish green stacks anyway.

EDIT: Sorry for the little deviaton from the topic. Now back to Glenda.


Will Glenda’s 40% attack increase special skill increase the damage percent of her and the surrounding minions?

Thanks in advanced for your reply.

No as Glenda’s buff effects only to Special attack. Minions receive their attack value from hero attack/health values.

It only affects the % on a special skill. Nothing more.

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Thanks. Should it raise repost/counter attack % specials from heroes like Boris, Elena, Sif?

No… They don’t do direct damage…

It will raise Elena’s direct damage tho.


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