Glenda – 5* Ice/ Blue - November 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

What i like the most about glenda is i don’t need to bring rigard for cleanse, and can bring full attack team

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And she does wonders when she has hit all enemies on her side as the additional special damage may not be too much but it makes a nice change. It bumps damage of lady loki nearly 25% or other similar hero’s.

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Well, they stack better than some other hotms who would do damage over time, provide other buffs who dont stuck etc,… for example having 3 Jean francouis doesnt do anything beyond first cast.

Using 3 Glendas means, you can put 3x minions on all 3, deal 3x 270% dmg and have 3 cleanses available.

So all that stacks nicely together, just attack buff to special doesnt…


Nope, there isn’t.

There’s really few heroes that may eventually be useful as duples (never 3), and are pretty much the best in the game (Finley, Grave) or elemental debuffers now (because of Mystic Titans).
All the others, one is more then enough.

I maxed my Glenda and i like her, but definetely not a game changer, expecially if you have several other legendaries.

I mainly use her in my blue mono and second or third triple stack in wars (on red tanks).
She is quite useful, and i apreciate those minions on top of her other skills.

But she is clearly a supporter, and you must consider her only AFTER you have someone to support.
Just saying, i would rather do Magni as first rather then Glenda.

But she is good and i do not regret giving scopes to her.


Thanks for the response (also for yours @Cerevan_the_Omni) .

This is exactly my issue. My other 5* Blue is Miki and that’s it. So, it still feels a bit weird to feed 5* to someone, let alone HOTM. Might by just in my head.

I did not fed my dupes 5* to any hero, not even vanilla.

Keep her there at lv.1, you never know some point in the future it will not come in handy for some other thing.

I agree completely with @Elpis. Keep all Glendas for now. You can decide to feed her later as your roster grows. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with the last few posts. I’d keep her as she is very useful. I have c. Kirill plus grimm, Magni all at +20 and isarnia atv3.70 as I just don’t want to Max a slow hero (looking at you elena and Khagan despite 18 rings marjana had to appear sometime!)
She is very useful with Kiri costume and Magni giving him over 800 hits etc. Not every hotm is a GM or Alby that changes things but there are solid support heroes that are great. Zim, zeline, miki, etc.


In case of defense team, Kiril buff increase slash damage, but Glenda doesn’t because Glenda buff is for special skill.
Am I right?

Kirills buff increases tile damage
Glenda adds a 40% additional overall damage to your hero’s special.

Lets use Lady Loki for example: Her special deals 170% damage to all enemies.
If she is buffed with Glenda, her special does 210% damage to all enemies.

@Guvnor I am interested on following, can you try to find an answer if possible. Lady Loki also does 8% additional damage oper buff up to 298% With Glenda , will that max potential 298 % stay same or will that go up to 338% ?

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Kiril increase for all allies every kind of attack for 30%, Glenda only special attacks on nearby for 40%.

Kiril attack buff > Glenda attack buff without a doubt.

If you just look at that, Kiril it’s better.
But she comes in handy for all the things she does.

Cleanse, minions, damage and buff individually are meh, alltogheter is quite different.


Glenda is great with massive hitters. I maxed her and use her as suuport duo with c.Kirill who drops def down. then Glenda hits and cleanse. Glenda usually flanked by some hitters like Ursena and Killhare, or Atomos and Liana. She gives good buff to Onatel damage and so on.

I can try to find an answer but honestly am not going to promise anything haha

Not a major need as it would be extremely rare she would hit that damage :smiley:

But Glenda + Loki with 3 status effect could be devastating


What would you say to 3 maxed Ariels? :wink: I have them, and use them every war, as she is still the best healer in the game imo. Glenda will get some love from me too sometime soon, and then she will see time between Ariel/Vela or Ariel/Frida

Agree she is the best healer, but using 18 scopes on the same type of hero means you can’t use them on Frida, Finley, Athena, Magni and so on…

She is great, but not enough for me to deny myself more diversity on my deck.


Heh, but you have to master time-it.

Glenda has a dispell which would take away from lady Loky throw back ailments :slight_smile:

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True that, it’s wise to spread the love on diverse heroes. I happened to have enough scopes to splurge a little and some heroes transcend their color in terms of their usefulness. But I hear you :slight_smile:

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Agreed, they don’t fit perfect but still I want to find out the answer lol

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