Gladius – 5* Ice / Blue - February 2024 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

It’s rare to see a HOTM who is not that bad. Sure the stats are subpar compared to premium heroes, but he’s fast and he always hits the target. Dodge is not that big of a problem in the higher power ratings but it is very annoying in the lower diamonds, so very good for non-spenders.


Sha would like a word on this lol


There are better counters to Sha Wujing though. It’s better to prevent the dodge before he fires.


That may be true, but that’s not always easy, and his dodge on defense seems to work really well


The increased damage stack shouldn’t have any effect on the attack or defense stacks, since it’s a separate effect.

They will hit with wu gamble stance

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Here’s my take on Gladius!


If I hadn’t used my last scopes on Kabeiroi, I would max him. And that’s because he has something that makes him a very valuable sniper for certain players: his mana per defense buff passive.
One of the most frequent aether powers is defense up. With a maxed Styx/magic troop, he can charge in 6 tiles the first time he goes off.
The bear family reverses defense down into defense up.
Element links can probably speed him up.
And let’s not forget Myoin-ni - defense buffer at charge X1.



If you are bringing Gladius and

  • no foes dodge
  • no foes throw blindness ailments
  • you’re not using any Wu Kong/Ranvir/etc “+damage with miss chance” dice-icon sort of buffs
  • no foes throw block-Special-Skill ailments (e.g. silence, mindless attack, mindless heal, etc)
  • no foes put up +defense buffs

i.e. almost Gladius’s worst use case, he’s still a Fast sniper with 500% damage, reasonably modern (even if not Construct level) stats, and an element link buff.

For someone whose roster is so strong that that’s not enticing, sure, fine, but HotM are generally not meant to be equal with top-end Constructs, Owls, Opera heroes, etc — I’d say that one hardly has to be F2P for Gladius to have use. (I know some folks look down on almost all snipers, but sheesh, this guy looks at least fair to me.)

And contravening any the bullet points above is hardly that rare or obscure of a niche. As soon as any (or several!) of those conditions actually are in play, Gladius gets better.

Also? Carthago delenda est. #52RareQuestsAYear


That’s not how stacks work

this is a great point! I mean it´s tough to bring this guy against top notch defenses, but since LB2 is also used in lower level play these days it is definitely worth keeping a lookout on the war board for a def with older/weaker heroes that have an 2LB def buff. 6 tiles would make a world of difference to this guy.


Please buff this hero. Mayby 600% to the target. Or make this hero very fast with 580%. Hope you buff this hero. Hope he dispels buff and lowers defence. Please.

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My thought of Gladius
1 since this hero must hit, his Ranger class gives him no bonus
2 what’s Defensive Buff? I need a clear definition if this includes with defense boosted, riposte, soul bounded and Goblins’ defense stat boosted? If the later two are defensive buffs then it will be interesting.
3 gaining a stack by dodge is too dependent and slow, and so on it coulb be each stack +10% damaged received to make this sniper more interesting.


Maybe I misunderstand how the Ranger talent works. It would help keep counterattacks from hurting him, no? And also, wouldn’t it ignore defense up buffs?

  1. Ranger class means his skill and damage have a chance to bypass defensive buffs (and reflections, I want to believe?).
  2. Defensive buffs would be things like:
    2a. +30% defense
    2b. +30% defense against :snowflake: Ice
    2c. +30% defense and a further +3% every time they are hit
    2d. +30% defense and an additional +10% every turn
    2e. Unfortunately, I don’t think soul connections count towards defensive buffs or “buffs that affect defense.” Curiously, I wonder if Goblin’s defense modifications even count as anything related to effects and stacks.
  3. The stack is applied if the target that’s Marked performs any dodge while the effect is active. The way enemy teams seem to act every time I face a dodge buffer, that stack’s going to apply every time. Arfanias would greatly benefit from being Marked before he activates his skill since that dodge chance is 70% on himself.

Yes, I’ve missed bypass defensive buff means probability his damage makes doesn’t effected and doesn’t cause him getting any reflected damage.
Thanks @ItsyBitsy and @MxJunie


And about the mark on dodge, you can try target the rogue (or even the superior rogue) – also the ninja (passive dodge) and dancing (thatbl can dodge even tiles)

From how I see this now, this hero is designed to be an indirect counter to a couple of classes, mainly paladins and rogues
His passive allows him to gem up mana quite quickly against paladins, especially S1 Paladins who procs their protect like it’s free
His other situational effect is meant to counter rogues indirectly, although an increase to 10% damage amp with 4 turns would be appreciated


I agree and i think it is interesting to compare him to Turgruk (some mentioned this in the pre-released). These two seems to have comparable skill. Both are ranger type, sniper HOTMs.

Turgruk edge.
Turgruk did have easier stack without conditions, and is very fast.

Gladius edge
Howerver, Gladius hit harder, while can be with the presence of paladin and LB2-def-up. Also while Turgruk resists only blind, it is only “half” of never missed, while Gladius has “full” never missed.

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Second puzzle combat HOTM to make their way to the flagship game?

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