Gladiator Flags

I would love to be able to challenge a player, inside or outside my alliance.

My suggestion is that we get Gladiator flags on a similar timing to titan flags, that allow you to challenge another player to a match up at the same time (I would cap at 5 due to variable timing of players availability)

  1. You select a time that gets converted into the other players local time (or all challenges use UTC)
  2. The other player has the choice to accept or reject the challenge. If the challenge is rejected neither player spends a flag, likewise accepted challenges both players spend a flag.
  3. If the challenge is accepted both players set a team without knowing the other players set up
  4. Both players have their own boards and play against the pther players set-up
  5. At the end of the challenge the scores are totalled based on time taken to defeat the other (if both win) or if both lose the points scored against the opponent are compared and the best score wins.
  6. Missing a gladiator appointment by 30 minutes or more counts as a default/ automatic win ro your opponent. You lose a flag and the other player gets the points.
  7. Gladiator challenges can either count as raids or we can have Gladiator chests with a points target.
  8. I envisiage 3 opt in options; all comers, my alliance only or opt out
  9. For the duration of the match up (pkus 15 minutes either side) there is a gladiator chat with your opponent.

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