Gizmo's Crew recruiting

Sick of an inactive alliance, hitting titans with very little help, entering wars and team mates not using there flags. Sounds like what we had so we broke away to form our own alliance. Could do with some active players now… come on give use a try

Sneaky don’t know if this is of any interest but we are looking for 8 people to join us. We are active and have very simple rules, hit the titan and if you want to, make sure to use all flags for war. If your interested in joining us let us know. We are a good group of people.

Thanks Nick we will think about your offer. We formed this alliance after our old leader was inactive for ages. Cheers

I feel ya…we have easy going people but we have two rules hit the titan and if you can’t just let us know…miss two titans and you are out. The people that we have right now all hit regularly. It would be great for us to combine and see how far we can go.

Yeah we hit titans every time and use all flags in war. I’ll be in touch if we going to join you soon

Myself and my gf are quite new but very hardcore players. Respectively 2,2k trophies and 1,3k trophies. Can you tell me more about your war win ratio and current titan rank?

Sneaky we just had a leader drop out so We have 9 spots open if y’all want to join us that would be awesome. We are handling 7* titans with ease just need some solid players to jump us up to 8 or 9

Hi Wiheros it’s me & my girlfriend in our alliance. Set up after old leader in other alliance stopped playing so we set ours up. We play all the time with very high win ratios. Give us a go and see what you both think

Hi Nick probably going to join you after this war

Come on down good sir you won’t regret it

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