Giving up my cups

Thank you TGW. I will be using this to test or probe what the outcome is. If I do not prove to myself the in’s and out’s I may look to stop playing. Seeking purpose.

The purpose of playing this game, or any game, is to have fun. I don’t like raids, so I don’t do them. But there are other things I like about the game.

Whatever you decide, I hope it brings you happiness. :grinning:

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My happiness is crush them all even with all shiny premium heroes.

I don’t do rainbow raid since January this year and also never ever cup dropping.

It has serious set back once every couple months, you will get total :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: boards and zero kill flag on opponent that you don’t see any threat.

Despite it random, skip raid chest will likely to slow down your next elemental chest, I believe.

Whatever we say RNG system of this game is totaly crap…:triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:raids should be balanced by cups and team power not just by cups… and if you use a monocolour team RNG just spit you in face… you will have any tiles you want less colour you need for your team… this game have big problems ehat should be set it out…

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I like to raid competitive teams and not weak ones.

It’s also very interesting how high my def wil keep me.


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