Giving up my cups

I must say giving up my cups just to understand how raiders find you is a treat to myself.
I have gotten tired of sticking it to my other players when they raid my offline idle game. But I have asked this before and its not a repeated topic so developers hands off!
Cups versus Ranks!!! Or is it both? You see as I found out the more cups you obtain the higher you rise and from what I know the higher you climb the more exposed you are!
I don’t care for it so I left 1 hero to take all he can and from raiders of 3-4k I am down to 2k raiders finding me.
Honestly I don’t mind losing all the cups and see who will give them the cups they want with just one hero out…I will fill you in as soon as it reaches 0!!!

The raiders “find” you by the game “randomly” matching them against other players with similar cup levels. The single hero raid defense idea is not new. It’s actually the exact strategy I told my lower level alliance mates to use when they were new and having difficulty winning raids in the higher tiers. They would drop down to 0 cups, then revenge raid until they filled their hero chests. It’s a very easy way to fill your chests in bronze tier, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who is trying to stay above bronze or silver. If your cups drop down to 0, you will need to successfully win at least 10 raids in a row against opponents with much higher cup numbers in order to get back up to silver (and that’s also assuming that you stay online the whole time, or change your raid defense to something stronger before logging off - and if you drop down to say 300 cups and change your defense team back to 3-4k TP, chances are most of your bronze tier opponents will choose to reroll rather than raid you).

I rather that chest just sit there than play to fill it

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I agree, I stopped doing hero chests because they’re too much work and frustration for very little reward. I do try to keep up a relatively solid defense though, because I worked too hard to get the trophies I have, I’d like to try to keep them (even though they serve no actual purpose aside from keeping me in my current tier in case I do decide to do some raids).

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Explain more plz. I think to be raided down to 0 cups I had been in platinum but I find all that hitting back unnapealing.

If you drop down to low cup levels, the only teams that will be able to raid you are other teams with low cup levels. If you keep a low defense team, they will probably continue to try to raid you. But if you put your defense team back up to your platinum level, the low level teams probably won’t attempt the raid.

Additional information: it has been explained on here that raid matches are only made between teams that have 300 more or less cups than you. If you drop down to 0 cups, the only teams that will raid you are teams who have less than 300 cups. Players with less than 300 cups are usually new players with 1* and 2* heroes, and most of them would be afraid to raid you if you put your main team back in as defense. But if you still keep the single hero, low level defense, they will probably continue to raid you.

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That is the whole point. Its not the lower levels its the gold and platinum levels…I am on a quest to find how who finds you and it leads me to your rank. How you rank is by the amount of cups you earn…this sets you up and I feel like…what? Why not just give them away whoever wants them? Its a game and if I decide I won’t fight for the loss of my cups even if I set up my defences to rise up to platinum let the lower levels take the cups and enjoy themselves!!!

That’s very generous of you. I’m sure the lower levels would appreciate the cups! Though if you only have one hero on your defense team, it’s not going to help them fill their hero chests.

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Did you tell your team mates to use only 1 hero or 5 BAD heroes??
I use 5 BAD heroes so who ever is attacking me will also fill their chest faster. I ALWAYS tell my team to re roll and NEVER attack a 1 hero team


5 bad heroes would definitely help their opponents fill war chests. I figured anyone who attacks a 1 hero defense team should realize they’re being trolled, obvious trap is obvious. In retrospect, that probably wasn’t very nice, since new players might not understand this concept. But my team mates were also very new at the time, they had been trolled many times themselves, and their “best” teams weren’t exactly anything worth bragging about anyway.

They’ve got better teams now and they don’t cup drop anymore, it was just an idea I suggested to help them fill their hero chests so that they could get the loot they needed while they were working on improving their less than stellar teams. I remember how hard it was to win raids when my hero bench resembled something that a vagrant might pull out of a back alley dumpster.


To answer the question from a purely mechanical POV:

When someone seeks a raid opponent, the server randomly pulls up someone with trophies that are +/- 300 of your current trophy count. That’s all.

I have no clue what this entire thread is about - “trolling” teams by using 1 hero (and losing to them) hardly seems an effective troll.

And relegating yourself to low level rewards seems… well, kind of counterproductive.

Dropping cups in a controlled way when you’re just barely able to make a higher loot tier but not hold it kind of makes sense - but what’s described here as a massive plummet… just so enemies can’t find you… speaks to either a misunderstanding of the game or a non-communal alternative enjoyment method.


I didn’t suggest the idea with the intention of trolling other players, but rather as an easy way for my lower level teammates to fill their hero chests via revenge raids. They were already stuck in bronze / low silver tiers as it was; they had no heroes above 3*, none of their 3* heroes were even maxed yet, they were constantly getting raided by higher level teams, and didn’t have enough food to keep rerolling. They had no interest at all in getting to the next level loot tiers, they just wanted to fill their bronze tier hero chests more than once or twice a week without constantly having to fight against players that were 10+ levels / 500+ TP above their own. This was simply an alternative I offered to them when they were very new, very low level players, who weren’t spending hundreds of dollars to buy full 5* benches before reaching level 10 (like many of their opponents had).

“should realize they’re being trolled”… so yeah, it really does seem like you suggested exactly that.

The intention was to fill hero chests faster. The “trolling” happened to be a byproduct of that intention.

I don’t advocate trolling for the sake of trolling. However… there are many players in this game who do troll other players on purpose. Low level players will get raided by higher level cup droppers that they have no chance of ever successfully revenging. The grind in this game is long and arduous, the RNG rate for pulling rare heroes and unfarmable mats is obscenely low, the sooner new players of the game understand the level of torture they are willingly subjecting themselves to, and the level of dedication required to eventually overcome these hurdles, the better.

So… while it might be “cruel” to deceive your random opponents in the game… it happens to practically every player every bleeping day. This game is not all rainbow teams and rare unicorn titans, and you are not helping anyone by convincing them otherwise.


“trolling”… To quote The Princes Bride - I do not think that word means what you think it means.

But all that aside, it just seems you’re putting a LOT more importance on cups than I think is warranted.

Fill your chest. It doesn’t matter much what people do to your team while you’re offline. Just come on, win your 8 matches, re-roll anyone you don’t want to fight, and cash in your chest.

That is my whole idea actually. But it does not stop the lower levels from attacking. I don’t win at all.

Radical as it sounds…that is my aim.

If “trolling” is meant to use 1 player as a ruse so they can beat their opponents…that won’t work. There is 3 things in that sphere of the game…1) cups 2) rank and 3) TP=team power. And if you leave out 1 the very 1st thing I look for is that. So it says that is a ruse or this term…trolling! I am not trolling. Just not interested in filling any chest to get goods. Or go raiding just to entertain another player when my game is offline and idle. Its just my take and I feel like airing my views.

I know what the word means. Originally, before the advent of the internet, it referred to catching fish. In modern terms, it has become a catch-all term (no pun intended) that can include basically any form of online deception as well as off-topic and/or offensive posts, intentional or otherwise, even encompassing legitimate opinions that dissent from the opinions of the OP, particularly when they conflict with the majority herd mentality of that particular forum. Catfishing is a form of trolling, spawn camping in a FPS game is a form of trolling, “newbie killing” AKA “cup dropping” in E&P can also be considered a form of trolling.

Apologies Marcia, I’m not accusing you of newbie killing, you have already stated that you are not even seeking to revenge raid the players who raid you. But many players do cup drop on purpose with the sole intention of getting easier raids to revenge, and I do consider that to be a form of trolling by deceiving their opponents. If you’re not even revenge raiding the lower levels that attack you, you are 100% innocent.

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