Giving regular heros during special missions feels unfair

You fight Season II or Season III for coins that you can get only once per level. You have to build your teams stronger and stronger for new levels which, without the luck of getting the right heroes and ascension tools is difficult to impossible. 34-ish wins later you wait for the special event that you spend your 100 coins on. . . only to end up with a standard 3* hero that you have gotten 10 times before through gold coins from beating only five titans or through several other means.

That feels very unfair or unbalanced.


I agree with this completely. S2 and S3 coins are not easy/quick to get and at some point you will complete regular and hard and won’t be able to get them at all really… I don’t think that hey have to change the odds on getting 3*, 4*, 5* but I feel like you should get an S2 hero for S2 coins and S3 Hero for S3 coins. We have TC to get all the season 1 heroes.


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