GiveMeABreak alliance is looking for another alliance to merger with!

I do not see a request from you to join.
6 of your members already joined. Waiting for the rest of your team. We have space for all 13.

If you all are still hoping to join an alliance, please join our international alliance of all active players. We use all flags and love playing together! Please join War and Titan Mongers! Looking forward to playing with you all!

Hi Antares,

I’ve just started The Silent Crusaders alliance (3 days ago) with 8 of the peeps form our previous alliance. We were fed up of other not using war flags/opting out and generally not making an effort on titans. We’re not overly chatty, not on line or discord, but are not completely silent. We’re only fighting itty bitty titans at the moment, but we’ll get to the bigger ones soon. Especially if we can practically double our membership. We all just want to progress and half of us are pushing toward Diamond and have teams of+/-3800.

If you want to play and use flags, you’re more than welcome to join (I think you guys would fit in).

Check us out
Judge President Paul
The Silent Crusaders

Hey, if you guys are looking for a merge, I have 5 in a small alliance called Faithful Defenders. From they way you describe your alliance here, we would be a good match!

Let me know what you think!

Hi Duke,

We’re just waiting on another couple who want to wait until their current war is over. I’ll check back with you



Works for me! If they fall through, let me know!

@antares181 Hi. If you are still looking for a new home, do stop by Bloodlust Reborn. We have 10 spots open in our 2 years old alliance. <10 to 12* titans, 5k+ war> We have some of our original members and an international alliance with US. UK. EUROPE. Asia. … Please add my line : bonniesclone for more discussions.

Why don’t you give Tha Art of War a try, we’re friendly bunch offer advice on playing and are currently fighting 7/8 * Titans, we listen to people’s needs and try to help, see you soon I’m MS3 one of co-leaders would appreciate your input! Click on Alliances in game and search ‘Tha Art of War’.


Infinite Waters has 6 spots open. And could potentially create some extra room.

Is 10 definitely the number of players you wish to merge into an alliance?

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. We’d be honoured to have you Merg with our current family.

Yo guys!!! We have space for you all!!!:hugs::hugs::hugs::star_struck::joy::partying_face:

So come and check us

If you are still looking for a home, please check out War and Titan Mongers! We are open and everyone is committed to using all flags! Great international group of respectful gamers! Come check us out!

Have a look at Grumpy’s Marauders, we could accommodate you and your team

I’m looking for a new alliance. I am still learning but I’m not brand new. My current alliance has a handful of people who fight titans and we are usually fighting 2* or 3* maybe!

I’m hitting titans everyday pretty much but it’s not required so I can step it up. I’m at level 28 with 1239 trophies, highest 1548. Defense team 2982 to just over 3000 depending on my mood which heroes to use. Building and at stronghold 19 currently, not for long though. Strongest titan was a 5*.

Not sure what else you might want to know. I’m not very good in wars so I gave up until I improve or figure out what it is exactly I’m trying to do in a war. But titans I can do no problem. I am sure I can figure out line or discord though I’ve never used them before. I’m usually very quiet type of person anyways until I get to know you. But I’m not easily offended either if you know what I mean. I have introverted tendencies but not shy.

If that is ok with you I’m interested in joining an alliance where I can help defeat some worthy titans and maybe learn to eventually fight a war or two. I make no promises on that though. If you are interested let me know. Thanks.

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Please consider Grumpy’s Marauders, we have a range of English speaking members from all over the world and all different levels and tackle 6/7* titans. Feel free to drop by and say hello even if you dont want to stay.

Grumpy’s Marauders

Hi Charmie, we have the perfect spot for you :slight_smile:

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