Give us more chances to get fine gloves

Fine gloves and compasses are hardly ever given away during events. None in Christmas or Halloween, none in POV. Faraholm pass is the only place to get them on a regular basis and then it is one or the other but never both. Please consider making them a little more available,

Keep playing, you’ll get to a point when fine gloves and compasses will overflow just as any 3* ascension mat for that matter. You’ll literally have dosens of each of them laying around gathering dust and all you’ll be interested in will be 4* mats.


Like @Ian487 said…keep playing and sooner or later you get to the point where you have more than enough 3* materials.

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Actually, the upcoming challenge event Knights of Avalon will have a pair of gloves for completing Epic, and gloves + compass for completing Legendary.

Of course, not every player can complete Legendary or Epic. :sweat_smile:

Btw, every challenge event has a dedicated forum thread, and you can ask for help there.


Yeah you can get compasses at a few challenge events aswell.
Compasses aviod me iv got 4 and 2 are going to be used soon but I do find ill get one then usually a few others turn up along the way. My other 3* mats are fine but those compasses needs to have a D on on it to navigate them to dudesville.

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I have around 17 compasses and 11 fine gloves. I dont feel scarse any of the 3* mats.
Another story is regarding 4* mats. Im waiting for tabards since last Morlovia and for rings before Morlovia. And before someone ask it , yes i kill 12-13* titans with my alliance so its not because im killing low ones. Its simply bad luck because 4*mats drop more often to my teammates.

Eventually, with time, you will have a solid base of 4* and you will start to gather some 3*mats. They are by far more common than 4 mats and you can get them for challange events too. So, keep playing that they will come.

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I feel your pain. I still remember being desperate for a compass to ascend Boldtusk.

But it ceases to be a problem over time I promise

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Usually something is missing somewhere. I have enough compasses and gloves. I am constantly lacking darts. That’s life. Or RNG.

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Pick up what you need:


Mine is the reverse. I currently have 16 compasses but only 3 fine gloves. For some reason for me this has always been the case, with very few fine gloves but one compass after another coming my way.


I hope to have the amount of gloves you guys do someday!! I’ve been playing for almost a year now but am always on the lookout for fine gloves. Compasses seem easier to come by. It just seems like every 4/5* hero needs a pair of fine gloves to be able to ascend them. I’m sure next year I’ll look back on this post and laugh but right now I’m crying a little. Lol :joy:

Edit: I have the same problem As Louisa ^^^^^

You’ll get there soon enough. As you move up the titan tiers you will begin to amass an army of compasses and gloves. It takes time you’ll get there.

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Tournaments, Events, Titans, War chests…

Theres your main source of these mats IMHO. Of course it takes time but the easiest source is Titans. You want to be in an active Alliance hitting them biggest Titans you can. Most of mine dropped from Titans but if course it is depending on your roster. But at least an 8* Titan and hopefully your alliance gets better and can hit better ones.

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I was just thinking I may change alliances. It seems we are stuck hitting 7-8* Titans but could do better if everyone hit the Titans all The time and used all war flags.

It’s diffrent for everyone gloves im fine, even the D. Blade I have like 15 off top my head n about 6 tomes. And people want them more for the 5*

My D Blades and Tomes have been pretty evenly matched coming out. Never more than two more for one or the other. Most of the others mats have been pretty even in comparison too. It is only the fine gloves and compass that have complete disparity in numbers for me. Has been like it ever since I started playing and doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.


We kill 12 & 13 in our alliance and I’m usually a 3* a time for C or better

Dude that’s ridiculous I have a few. How did you get those. I’ve had maybe 10 in the whole time I’ve ever played this game. I’ve been playing for 2 years. Seeing that makes me wanna quit

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You’ll find after a few more months, instead of yesss gloves, compass and a shield!! To ffs, not MORE gloves. You become hungry only for the final tier mats! I hope one day not to need those either and be sat on countless ones of those as well!

I remember what it was like in my early days waiting on 3* mats and going back and forth over who to ascend when I finally got them. But as others have said, after a while 3* mats will cease to be an issue and you’ll be forever chasing 4* mats instead. Or in some cases, 5* heroes to use your 4* mats on!

My sturdy shields is the only one I’m somewhat low on out of the 3* mats but that’s largely due to green being overwhelmingly my strongest color. Game just keeps on giving me green heroes! :rofl:

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