Give us guaranteed epic tome of Experience on rare titan

I know that the biggest chance to get one of tomes is on rare titans but all I got are miserable rewards. 20 emblems? Seriously? Lets make some better rewards. Give us guaranteed epic tome of Experience and make a chance of 1% of geting legendary tome of Experience.

They could give you one of everything each time you login.

Unless the game transitions to a subscription fee model without in-game micro transactions, high end loot (and heroes) will not be readily available for free.

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Look rare titans are not so frequent. If they make this for example for 12*-14* titans it will motivate players to attack titans and play the game. The main reason why alliances are broken down is because of titans and because of some not so good rewarda players just do not want to play. It costs to kill rare titan, harpoons, time stops, time freeze, scrolls, tornados, manas, sometimes even titan flasks… And a lot of food and iron. Or maybe every player who make more then 100k - 150k to get one of those books. I do not think that is is so huge that they can not make it.i would rather to get tome then a half of my rewards that I am getting now for killing 14* rare titan.

Some players cannot reliably chain large titans.

I played in top 5 alliances, small alliances with just a few players, mid tier alliances and just about everything in between.

All active alliances were managing their titans. They would chain up to a certain star then allow it to escape when it was too big. Some even monitored about when the rare was going to appear.

Other than the rare quests and (some events), titan loot was already the most reliable way to get good ascension materials outside of offers. And titans are daily. War chest loot can be good but you need 25 points to open it.

If they improve your rare titan loot, I will be happy for you. I just don’t see them doing it. Good luck.

This was incredibly banal, but i don’t think we are getting anything guaranteed…