Give us another forge at stronghold level 25

According to the beta beat, stronghold level 25 is apparently coming soon, which will enable construction of the Hero Academy. There have been many threads about how this final new building (so far) will cause problems: if someone wants to have an active Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy (please refrain from commenting on how useless/resource-consuming both of these buildings are) along with the Barracks and Hunter’s Lodge, they either have to convert all their forges to the new buildings or sacrifice some iron/food production - neither of which is a very attractive proposal, to put it mildly.

I have another idea: give us another forge by opening up a new building plot for a forge on existing land:

Another way to at least partially solve this quandary would be to make it possible to change between special buildings without a free builder, but that suggestion only earned 5 votes. It also won’t truly solve the space/resource shortage due to the incredibly long creation times required by the Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab.

I fully support this but doubt it can happen.

I personally planned to rotate Hunter’s Lodge and Forge depending on the needs. This would suck though with long building times blocking my builders until I finish the base.

Another solution would be to allow converting one of the houses - I think this is the one storage which would hurt the least to sacrifice, but I’m not sure if this would be compatible with the HA recruit costs.

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I’ve mentioned letting us convert one of the houses in threads in the past, but was told that recruits are treated as resource storage, just like iron storage and food storage, which you can’t convert either.

Also you apparently need 300 recruits for some of the HA levels, and you can’t get that with just 3 houses (even if one of them is Advanced lvl 10).

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