Give us a reason to play season 2 - Atlantis coins

We enter S4 this month. The fact we still even get some coins for Atlantis could be considered overly generous. We get nothing extra for farming S1 the rest of the time after all.

I get enough Atlantis coins for a couple of pulls and that’s kinda me in there now. S3 will likely go the same way when I finish hard mode off.

In fact I imagine all chest coins will go to S4 now and the same situation will happen in S3…

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So, if they restore coins in s2 and s3, each player will have the opportunity to put his energy where he wants: S2, S3, S4. Because there a looooooot of players who still want to pull there.

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Well, you don’t need coins to pull for S1… they are everywhere!
Specifically for S2 and S3 you need coins.

Not to give coins enough to pull at least one time every time the event is up is to definitely kill that season. And it is stupid (IMHO).


People always want more free pulls. Of course they do.

But the reality is that’s not going to happen. You can keep dreaming it though but as they say “people in hell want iced water”

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I mean, I have my own company, I can think also with their point of view.

The solution could be: no more coins of s2 in pov and from chests but only s3 and s4 but ti restore the reward for every stage in s2 when the player has completed it.

So everyone will have the chance to choose on which heroes invest his time.

Man, I don’t want free pulls.
To play is another way to pull, 100% heavier.

I can assure you, they will not get less money if they will do it.
Who wants to spend will spend.
Who doesn’t want he will go on not to spend.

The only difference will be the level of involvement of the players and their satisfaction too.

Because at this point, when you have completed the season, you feel yourself forced to spend. And this is not good for the game. But about the revenue, this will not change anything for the company.


Add all of them to tc20. Now its S4 coming.
When we will see S2 heros added to tc20.
I think SG decided to Celebrate adding S2 heros to tc20, on Mars getting human population around 200 billion. :joy::joy::joy:.
Hit s2 heros to tc20. Then no one bothers you SG for the coin drops.


Since they will soon introduce costumes for old HotMs and season 2, i will expect some way to get again some free pulls to lure us into spending.

Either that or a specific costume portal with their own tokens.


I can say billion
Instead of open season 4 or with that can consider advance season 2 with so hard stages and consider better prize like costume keys or 3 * ascend material.
Why did we join E&P? Not to check app daily and say hi to friends we joined to play and there is atlantis raise days that some players like it.
I do not get players like u at all if u not like game part you can choose not play it is always around why you expand comment as us. You have choice to not play others who want play should have better choice during atlantis raise.
Note : I said this to those who say why we should play atlantis not dear Ruskin

On numerous occasions I have suggested that we have TC21 for S2 heroes but with no hope of it ever coming to fruition it isn’t a cash cow that the devs want so you only have 2 options buy the tokens or hunt down the sea dragons which will mean only 1 Atlantis pull every 6 months.


@Dongle another earlier attempt for TC21/22 for S2/3 heroes

While I understand that the granting of new Underwild coins is preferred, perhaps Atlantis and Valhalla coins could still be issued outside the Atlantis Rises/Valhalla Forever events, like as a consolation prize for not coming in first on some challenge event or titan or other, or maybe as a reward for some random quest line. I understand we’re not likely to see Season 2 or 3 heros in our TC’s or even HA anytime soon (cough-if ever-cough). But I can’t be the only player who the RNG has not seen fit to grant a Wilbur, much less any of the sought-after 5* Atlantis heros. And since I (and many others) have completed both S2 and S3 on both regular and hard modes, there’s no other way to accumulate chances at these heros, not even at the tavern portal.

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Another request to the devs for TC for season 2 and 3 heroes this like all the rest will get the D&D treatment as it’s not a money spinner is that right @Staff_SGG , @moderators

I actually farm season 2 majority of the time even outside AR.
Only go into season 1 when get a elemental chest. Im be looking into season 3 for backpacks after springvale.

Totally agree! The coin scavenge is exhausting and yields next to nothing. Either add Atlantis heroes to TC20 or open up getting Atlantis coins. Super bummer. Super frustrating. Maybe at least have a direction for getting more coins other than ‘random’

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