Give us a reason to play season 2 - Atlantis coins

Right now, there isn’t really a reason to play season 2 vs season 1 maps if you have already completed them. The rewards for replaying them aren’t worth the world energy vs season 1. I would suggest giving 1 Atlantis coin for every level you replay on normal and 2 on hard.

Or even just include it as possible loot maybe? That way it will be random chance. Could give you 1-4 coins or something if you got the in your loot?


Not replaying any season 2, just back to my reliable lower cost season 1, almost forget season 2 is there.

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Yeah I’m not sure why they made season 2 cost so much energy. I’d love to play the maps more but the cost/benefit is just not there when I’m farming.


Has anyone done the math on experience gained, normal vs hard, between season 1 and 2? Is the experience gained farming 3-9 at 6 flags on normal more or less equivalent to exp from 23-9 in season 1 at cost of 7 flags?

I’ve quickly finished the missions of season 2 just to take them out of the way and be able to return to the season 1 to gain experience.

Please! Do not go on more missions of season 2 to win the avatar of a bird.

I just checked, 23-9 gives almost twice as much exp. shoots that theory to hell

I’m not a moderator.

I used 3 loot tickets on season 2 1.10 hard yesterday and got 15 backpacks. Agreed that the experience and recruits aren’t worth it but if you’re in need of backpacks that’s hard to beat.

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Hi, I am about to finish season 2 completely and reapiting them just to maybe got some atlantis coins is boring I think game open advanced mode of each season when finish or reset stages to have 8 coins worth to play
I think many players like me love atlantis raise so much and repeating some repetitive stage for random coins is boring.

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That’s why you auto play.

Once you’ve finished it there no reason to play S2 anytime but AR and as above…loot tickets and then autoplay for 2 days a month.

If you are asking for the all the coins to reset this is a sentiment many F2P echo but won’t ever happen. You’ve got S3 and now S4 to gather coins from.

It’s not the same, but the thread below has a similar idea but less friendly

If the stages immediately reset after completion I think I’d be farming season 2 all day rather than avatar missions.

There is also this suggestion that again is slightly more realistic for SG. perhaps we shouldn’t get full rewards for a replay but always get a small reward.

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I have checked around but I didn’t find a specific thread about this topic.

The point is simple: When you have completed Atlantis on hard mode the ways to get coins is too slow.

I am VCP but I buy every month premium POV and I play a lot.
About 27-28 days every month I fill my chests twice a day (for each category), I buy POV and I farm a lot in Atlantis. So I don’t think this is a personal issue.

But once Atlantis season is completed is too hard to get enough coins to pull a couple of times every time Atlantis is up.

IMHO once Atlantis is completed, the reward for each stage should be reset (without the reward for completion).

A couple of pulls should be granted to FTP if they play a lot, otherwise 1-2 pulls every time will be granted only if you spend money and I think this will be an issue.

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Sharing a link to another thread on the topic where I link to two additional threads

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It has also been suggested to involve Atlantis coins back to regular loot such as chests, MV, tournaments etc.
Hopefully Valhalla coins won’t disappear like Atlantis coins did after S4 rolls out…

Getting any coins after completing seasons is rare which sure is a pity


Thank you, I have lost that thread then.

Thank you!

I mean, 1 coin here, two there… and I am often A+ or A with titans too. But really I think that a couple of pulls for each player should be granted, I mean, players should get enough coins from chests and other rewards to have a couple of pulls for each event.
You don’t want to spend, you pull just a couple of times, lucky is involved… but at least you have a small chance to be lucky.

Otherwise there will be a lack of motivation too…

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Please use

To discuss more/better ways to win Atlantis coins.

this topic DEFINITELY deserves a bump up. I’ve used 11 flasks already at 54 world energy a pop, farming stages that cost 3 world energy during Atlantis rising… and have so far only scraped together 89 coins.