Give this dog a bone

Wondering if anyone knew a good place to farm for Dragon Bone?
Thank you and nick nack Patty wack

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@BarryWuzHere suggests Season 2, 20-7 normal during Atlantis Rises or Season 1, 6-7 otherwise.

Give you a bone? Ok.


Just FYI to you and @mpolo, I need to work on some statistical magic in the sheet; There just aren’t enough runs recorded in most levels to have a statistically valid result for dragon bones given that the drop rate is around 1% of all crafting mats, and most levels have only ~50 runs recorded. (Exception being 8-7 with 1420 runs last I checked; there might be one or two other levels throughout the whole game with more than 200 runs that could be compared with it)

So take it with a grain of salt. FYI, my statistically improved version is a work in progress, and I’d pick the best stages for recruits of S2, P20N during Atlantis Rises or S1, P6 otherwise, which would be 2:20-1N and 1:6-8N respectively.

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