Give Rook the Mystery Hero

Nothing against anyone else … not attached to any position…



That would be something, wouldn’t it?

I’d vote for this, except that apparently I’ve lost the right to vote on the forum. :thinking:


Nah.Give her a maxed +20 Clarissa (Attack path, selecting the mana node) and a 30 Mana Troop.

The “mystery” hero is fun but less functional. :slight_smile:
(I’m just being a pain, don’t mind me)


Maybe she has Clarissa already) Then secret hero is better, because dupes are unfun)

Love the positivity but @Rook gets nothing.


When it comes to pulling HotM — sadly @Rook has the opposite of whatever John Meyer does.

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You guys are very sweet!

IMHO however, it would be terribly unfair for anyone to be given a hero outside of the existing system and would smack of favoritism.

I’m absolutely against any of that.

I’ll just keep trying (and it’s kinda fun for a black cat to have the bad luck record) :grin:

P.S. This thread is a duplicate and will be closed. :wink:

Give Rook a HOTM or 20 EHTs (the reverse Jinx - see the 13th and 14th post)

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