Give Rook a HOTM or 20 EHTs (the reverse Jinx - see the 13th and 14th post)

Being a moderator is a tough gig as @zephyr1 and past greats would tell you (and as future greats are now realising, not that they didn’t know already @DaveCozy @littleKAF )

Of course there is a (fair) view that moderators should not be compensated but I find it absolutely INCONCEIVABLE that our longest-standing moderator @Rook has not been able to pull a single HOTM.

This request is likely to fall on deaf ears but I’d ask SG to give @Rook a free 2017 HOTM of her choosing or if they are unwilling to do that, 20 EHTs for her years of continuing service.

I’m unaware if a previous request has been made but for what it’s worth I did a quick search and could not find a Rook targeted thread??


Possible merge @Rook

Who is the hero that you didn't get? / “All this time and I’ve never pulled X hero”



But it’s a request for Rook to get tokens/Hotm…

Not just a… I’ve never pulled incident


I’m kinda jesting dude! :cowboy_hat_face::wink::v:

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Oops, had my ‘defence-of-thread’ helmet on which I usually put on when @zephyr1 and @littleKAF come on :joy::rofl:

Come to think of it @rook seems to me to be more a ‘profanity’, ‘civil manners’ and ‘is this going out of control’ police rather than a merge police (at least from what I can remember)

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@Rook does merge reasonably often, but also tends to just close duplicate threads more often than I do, instead of merging them. :wink:

Technically the Forum Rule is that duplicates will be deleted. But we usually try to merge or direct people to an existing thread instead, as a courtesy.


Ruthless deleting

Forget the Wrath of Khan, don’t mess with the Wrath of Rook!


It’s incredibly uncommon that we delete threads…but on days when I’ve had to merge 20-something duplicate bug reports during server outages, or there are 10 new complaint threads about things that have been rehashed a million times…it gets tempting to just start following the Forum Rule instead of merging. But we resist. For now.


And what does @discobot have to say on this subject, it’d be nice to get some hand from the fellow or some other bot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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I have to say @zephyr1 and @FrenziedEye, you have both gone quite off topic. :slight_smile:


20 EHTs to get 20 3 and 4 star dupes? Lol.

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Thank you for your kindness, but I would have to decline. It would be very unfair to all other players who have not pulled a certain hero if I was handed one for free.

Besides, I already got a cat-themed card! :grin:

P.S. I’m now intrigued to see how long The Curse of Rook can actually last…where’s the fun in artificially breaking it early? :rofl:


Great you passed the trial of altruism! The jinx aka Murphy’s Law is now in place and you should receive a HOTM shortly… :blush::joy:


@Rook is gonna get Grimble. I’m calling it here now…

And she will continue to be excellent with said Grimble…


I’ve gotten Ranvir, Miki, Grazul, and Kingston. So I hope @Rook has that kinda luck and gets the next 4 out of 5 HOTM. GOOD LUCK!!


This was very very sweet of you @FrenziedEye, but I’m going to abide by the Fairness Doctrine. :grin:

Everyone who voted for this, you are likewise sweet, but please use your votes on something game-related. :+1:

@Guvnor, @kwong79, @Sarah2, @Jass , @anc1ent1, @Ackbarbait, @FishDreams, @GenieDee, @HappyHippo, @ChaosWeever, @Maldoror, @Vixx, @Camerom11w, @ZEBRA, @BWS17P, @Rigs, @MD-DC

I will now close the thread. :paw_prints:


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