Give one hero by player choice

E&P should give at least one hero by player choice

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In this case, I don’t think there will be a Christmas Miracle.



SG baby
Leave a miki under the tree
For me.
Been a really good player, all year…



one dawa for all players, its a festivus miracle…now for the airing of the grievances :grinning:

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LOL…sure, I’ll play along. I would have a very hard time choosing, but would probably go for Ruby. I expect it on Christmas SG! Don’t disappoint me!

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Two years ago exactly that thing happened. I had spent most of December avoiding summons because the HOTM was Grimble and I have an aversion to gnomes. Likewise I didn’t want to use the seasonal portal because it might throw Buddy at me. Then I realised I was being silly and Buddy was pretty decent (notwithstanding the horrendous teeth), whilst there were whispers that minion eaters may soon become very useful. About that time, too, I saw a video of Grimble’s goat charge and loved it. I decided I did want them after all, but time was running out. On Christmas morning I decided to use the meagre collection of EHTs and see what came along. “After all,” I said out loud, “it is Christmas morning”. On the first token, out came Buddy with Grimble in tow.

That is my happy Christmas story and I swear every word is true. Buddy has been somewhat sidelined as time goes on, though he still has his moments, but Grimble became and continues to be a staple of the team any time there is the slightest whiff of minions. So glad I overcame my gnome allergy.


In exchange of 10, 15 or 20 five star heroes this will be available in Soul Exchange Feature from the offered heroes.
This feature was in Beta last week.

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oh really, then i miss the opportunity, very bad luck for me

but, i think miki is used for only titan hit

No, you didn’t miss it. It hasn’t gone live yet. It’s being tested and hopefully some refined form of it will soon be available. This is something I’m looking forward to.


I’ll join the miki fan club

Just 1 Miki please :blush:


thank you very much. I’m waiting

Miki is the titan god all right, but there’s more to him than that. The six round silence is deadly in rush wars, and he is also handy in boss fights, notably later Towers where most of your status effects fall by the wayside because three round effects only last for one. If the attack boost weren’t conditional he’d be ludicrously OP. As it is he’s merely P :laughing:


That crap miracle happens everyday xD

I want Miki too … for matching Hel.

between the epic hero token and the 100 legend coins you pretty much got your wish x 2! How did you do with your pulls?

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