Give more options to buy fine gloves

Dear SG, please bring more options to buy fine gloves!

You’ve just pissed on my enthusiasm for the event by removing them from the loot. I’m glad that you’ve put more rewards for the advanced tier, but come on. No offer in the calendar as well - just more tupid compasses everywhere. For 3 and a half months I’ve received only one freaking pair of gloves as a random drop.

Can’t you just put a counter offer to the 250 gems one with gloves?

I’ll be happy to buy 5 pairs for 100$ as well.

Do something - it’s ridicolous.

It’s beyond stupid to limit player progress by limiting the drops of neutral ascension materials.


I have your opposite problem…too many gloves and not enough compasses.

I need both.

oh…and hidden blades too

At least you have an option for 250 gems to get some, and there was good offer in the spring calendar, and now are part of Avalon.

The only thing for gloves is the 600 gems offers and the epic offers, which are not that cheap. Last time I did 4 ascension packs for a total of 2400 gems and to add an insult to an injury I got no trap tools and gloves, but 2 more compasses - I have now 8 of those :@

They have an Army Pack offer out now. Mostly epic troop tokens, gems, dark ascension items and compass. :sweat_smile:

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